Fun Factory Bendy Beads

Fun Factory Bendy Beads

Fun Factory Bendy Beads are created from a silicone pearl chain, designed to give a distinctive type of pleasure.

For added sensitivity during sexual activity, the Bendy Beads provide soft flexibility and provide intense stimulation when withdrawn: especially when this is done at the point of orgasm.

The sizes of the beads range from a smaller 2.75 inches (7cm) circumference to a more well-endowed 4.75 inches (12cm). Insert them as far as you need to keep your desires met.

The beads can be removed easily and safely thanks to the handy loop located at the end of the beads.

Note: Bendy Beads are only suitable for use with water-based or oil-based lubricants. Do NOT use silicone-based lubricants with this product.

Size: Insertable length 7.5"/19cm, max. circumference 4.25"/10.8cm.

This product is discontinued

If you require information on a suitable alternative, please contact us.