Fun Factory Buck Dich

Fun Factory Buck Dich

Bringing your kinky fantasies to life, the fun loving people at Fun Factory have designed Bück Dich ( “Bend Over” in German) a powerful half paddle, half dildo for impact enthusiasts.

The firm but flexible core allows better control so whether indulging in teasing gentle taps or punishing with harder spanks, this reinforced silicone paddle is sure to satisfy even the most enthusiastic kinkster.

Once they’re thoroughly spanked, flip the paddle around and use its ridged handle (designed from the classic Stronic Drei shape) to indulge them in G-spot pleasure or incredible P-spot stimulation.

This fabulous two-in-one toy for light to intense sensation will add another dimension to your sexual pleasure. Being sturdy and travel-sized, it is extremely easy to use and the perfect accompaniment for a kinky get away.

Made from 100% skin safe silicone, the Bück Dich is easy to clean when sharing the love and makes a nice alternative to standard wood or leather toys.

This product is discontinued

If you require information on a suitable alternative, please contact us.