Fun Factory Flora

Fun Factory Flora

With a pretty flowerbud texture, Flora is part of the new DeluxeVibes range from Fun Factory that is bound not to just please the eye...

DeluxeVibes Mini Vibrators from Fun Factory might be smaller and more discreet, but they are fully-equipped with the same level of power seen in their larger toys. Along with Fun Factory's revolutionary Click 'n' Charge charging technology, DeluxeVibes are practical and make perfect travel companions.

Made with 100% skin-safe medical grade silicone which is smooth and velvety, Flora has 6 different vibration modes and speeds and has a lock function to prevent accidental turn-ons. Its flower-like texture creates fabulous sensations when used internally, but its small stature means that it can comfortably be used to stimulate the clitoris or other erogenous areas. With just three buttons to press, operating Flora could not be any simpler – press FUN to play!

Important: Flora is only suitable for use with water-based or oil-based lubricants. Do NOT use silicone-based lubricants with this product.

Size: Total length 16.7 cm/6.75", max. diameter 4cm/1.6"

This product is discontinued

If you require information on a suitable alternative, please contact us.