LELO Luna Noir

LELO Luna Noir

A sensual, seductive take on the best-selling LELO Kegel exercise balls - made famous as Jiggle Balls in the 50 Shades series of erotic novels.

Luna Beads Noir are perfect for foreplay with a partner or just to use when alone.

The inner balls provide subtle vibrations in response to any movements that you make, heightening senses and increasing libido.

Like all Kegel exercisers, these balls have an array of health benefits for the muscles in the vagina, leading to strengthened orgasms when used frequently.

With a diameter of 29mm and providing a comfortable fit for everyone, the Noir beads can be worn either one or two at a time, fitted with a soft silicone handle for maximum security and pleasure.

Note: Luna Noir beads are only suitable for use with water-based or oil-based lubricants. Do NOT use silicone-based lubricants with this product.

You may also like: LELO Luna Classic beads which have 2 weight sets allowing you to increase your pelvic floor strength and which are also available in two size fittings.

This product is discontinued

If you require information on a suitable alternative, please contact us.