Mystim Rodeo Robin

Mystim Rodeo Robin

Rodeo Robin is a set of two adjustable penis rings that can both be used on the shaft of the penis, one at the base, the other near the glans, or one around the testicles and the other at the glans. When the wires are connected to the Mystim Sultry Sub, using Mystim Cluster Buster you can choose from 5 available training programmes which offer a range of electro stimulation pulsation patterns.

Electro stimulation devices simulate the nerve pulses to which the smooth muscle cells of the corpora cavernosa body within the penis normally react. This stimulation increases their responsiveness and the reaction speed of the nerves, which in turn exercises the muscle cells of the penis.

Electro stimulation may not directly produce an erection and should be considered as a method of training the cavernous body and the muscles at the base of the penis. When used daily over several months, penis owners may be able to gain an erection, see an increase in the strength and duration of their erection and even enjoy stronger orgasms.

When used for pleasure, electro-stimulation creates an intense tingly sensation that can lead to orgasm or be enjoyed for hours.

This product needs to be purchased with the Mystim Cluster Buster.

Do not use in water.

This product is discontinued

If you require information on a suitable alternative, please contact us.