Mystim Twisting Tom

Mystim Twisting Tom

Mystim Twisting Tom has been designed using Mystim's innovative "Flex and Stay" technology, allowing you to position Tom exactly where you desire.

In addition, you also have the option of turning Twisting Tom into an e-stim sex toy when combined with Mystim Cluster Buster, which is perfect for intense tingling anal stimulation. This innovative Quattro-Polar Prostate Stimulator creates dual electro stimulation internally through the main shaft of the toy inside the anus and externally at the base against the perineum.

You choose just how intense you want it to be!

Twisting Tom can also be used to trigger the sphincter muscles at the base of the penis which in turn increases pressure within the corpora cavernosa body of the body, helping to strengthen and prolong your erection, especially helpful for those who experience erectile function health issues. Using the Mystim Cluster Buster you can enjoy any of the 5 training programmes daily to exercise and strengthen the muscles cells of your penis through stimulation of the nerve cells.

100% skin safe silicone

  • Mystim Y-adaptor not included
  • Additional Mystim Electrode Cable not included

This product is discontinued

If you require information on a suitable alternative, please contact us.