Pjur Back Door Glide

Pjur Back Door Glide

Pjur Back Door Glide is a unique silicone lubricant that has purposely been created for anal sex and sex play.

To cater for more vigorous anal activities, this long-lasting silicone lubricant has been infused with a high concentration of top grade jojoba extracts to help relax the anus and soften the skin, enhancing your overall sexual pleasure.

This extra glideable lubricant is perfect for intense anal sex sessions and for use with larger anal sex toys. It is also 100% condom safe, enhancing your sexual experience!

Please note that silicone lubricants are only suitable for sex play and use with glass or metal sex toys and are not suitable for silicone sex toys.

This product is discontinued

If you require information on a suitable alternative, please contact us.