Pjur Med Cleaning Fleeces (25 in pack)

Pjur Med Cleaning Fleeces (25 in pack)



pjur® med Cleaning Fleece Wipes are alcohol and perfume free.

pjur® med CLEAN products are the only alcohol-free cleaning agents on the market today. They provide protection against bacteria, fungus, and even lipophilic viruses.

The mild formula is great when cleaning toys, as they do not have to be rinsed with water after cleaning. Alcohol-sensitive materials such as rubber, latex, and silicone can be safely cleaned with pjur® med CLEAN. In addition, the product can be used on the body for intimate cleaning - great as an emergency wash kit!

pjur® med CLEAN products are dermatologically tested, neutral to taste and smell and perfect for cleaning all our sex toys and vibrators.

This product is discontinued

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