Rocks Off Ignition

Rocks Off Ignition

Rocks Off Igntion is a major twist on the classic Rocks Off RO-80 bullet with a massive power boost and a rechargeable battery in its new guise.

Elegantly streamlined, the Ignition is great for vibrator beginners or those craving more precise clitoral stimulation.

With 10 powerful speeds that will send you on the ride of your life, the cleverly designed tapered end delivers deliciously rumbling delights right to where it’s needed.

Ignition is rechargeable with up to an hour’s play when fully charged. Ignition is also 100% waterproof and body safe for steamy bath and bedtime play whenever you need to get your fix.

Ignition is also a direct replacement for the RO-80 bullet in many Rocks-Off toys, so give them an upgrade today!

This product is discontinued

If you require information on a suitable alternative, please contact us.