Rocks Off Remix

Rocks Off Remix

The Remix from Rocks Off is the complete package in sexual pleasure. Remix replaces the Union and is designed for the ultimate couples’ stimulation, Remix delivers powerful vibrations to the clitoris, penis and testicles to enhance your sex life like never before!

Its unique shape is specifically designed for close contact to increase your sexual intimacy, allowing you to explore each other’s bodies whatever your darkest passions may be. Better yet, Remix is powered by two RO-60mm bullets for devilish dual delights that can’t be beaten.

Remix has 7 speeds of powerful vibrations and is 100% waterproof and skin safe so that you can play the day away wherever the mood takes you!

With twice the power to tempt your inner desires, Remix will satisfy you and your partner time and time again.

This product is discontinued

If you require information on a suitable alternative, please contact us.