Screaming O Ringo Ritz

Screaming O Ringo Ritz

Add a touch of luxury to your next intimate encounter with the liquid silicone Ring O Ritz by Screaming O.

An innovative breakthrough in cock rings, the Ring O Ritz takes it up a notch by crafting it from ultra-soft, mega-stretchy liquid silicone, allowing a firm yet comfortable grip with a soft, supple feel.

Phthalate and latex free, body-safe liquid silicone is a premium material prized for its safety, strength, and unique silky texture, making it an ideal choice for amorous pursuits.

Easy to clean using soap and warm water, the Ring O Ritz will retain its luxurious feel for many playtimes to come.

For those with a bigger penis, or who prefer a loser fit, we also have the Ringo Ritz XL.

  • Made of premium liquid silicone
  • Ultra-soft texture
  • Mega-stretchy fit
  • Phthalate and latex free
  • Body-safe and comfortable to wear

This product is discontinued

If you require information on a suitable alternative, please contact us.