Office Blues

Office Blues

I hate working in the office when it’s hot and sunny. I look out of the window and see the blue sky, the glorious sun and everyone out in their floaty summer dresses and shorts taking advantage of it. And I’m stuck in the office, in my silly suit talking down the phone all day.

Now, I don’t hate my job, I actually quite like it. There’s nothing more satisfying than changing a raging, expletive spitting customer into a calm, serene and contented customer. I excel at what I do and I wouldn’t change my job for the world.

But oh, I hate missing out on the summer. I mean, let’s face it, we’ve got to make the most of every sunny day we get over here in the UK. Summer’s often a complete wash out and there’s nothing more depressing than getting up on a summer morning to see grey clouds and hammering rain. So when the sun is shining I want to be out there, enjoying it.

I try to keep focused when I’m working but sometimes, between calls, I drift off into a daydream, recalling one particular summer’s afternoon I’ll never forget.

Mr Divine and I had only been married a month or so when a heatwave struck. It was hotter in Britain than it had been on our honeymoon to Majorca. So that Saturday we made the most of it. I packed a picnic and we headed out to the big country park on the outskirts of town. Of course, everyone had had the same idea so we had to trek quite a long way to find a quiet, shaded picnic spot. Even back then I wasn’t great in the sun. I like to lie back in the shade when it’s hot, not hike up a hill and sweat buckets.

So our romantic, summer picnic didn’t start well. I was hot, sweaty and a bit grumpy. Why had we had to walk such a long way? Well, I became less grumpy as the picnic was opened and I was plied with cold drinks and tasty treats. I began to relax as I cooled down and filled my rumbly tummy.

Mr Divine packed the picnic away and we sat together, our backs to the huge trunk of the horse chestnut tree we were shading under. The birds tweeted, the grass swayed and all we could see for miles around was hill and dale and the beauty of nature.

At first all he did was kiss me but the kiss deepened and before I knew it I was straddling him, my legs locked behind his body and in front of the tree.

“We can’t,” I gasped as Mr Divine suggested something particularly naughty, “anyone could see.”

He rightly pointed out that we’d seen no one for hours and the insistent push of his erection against my knickers changed my mind. My skirt covered up what we were doing anyway. I convinced myself if anyone came past they’d think we were merely canoodling.

It was a slow, leisurely joining, I kept an eye out at first to make sure no one was around but after a while I closed my eyes and went with the flow. Mr Divine dug around under my skirt and put pressure on my clit. I came loudly and he kissed me to drown out my cries.

“Better move, quick, someone’s coming.” I gasped.

We disengaged just in time, a troop of hikers came past. All nodding and commenting on the gloriousness of the day. I blushed the whole time and Mr Divine just grinned and chuckled to himself occasionally.

The work phone eventually juggled me from my memories. Oh what I’d give to be out in the sun with Mr Divine this summer instead of in a boring office.