Bathmate Hydromax
Bathmate Hydromax
Bathmate Hydromax
Bathmate Hydromax - 7 (aka X30)
Bathmate Hydromax - 9 (aka X40)
Bathmate Hydromax - X20

Bathmate Hydromax

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Designed and manufactured in the UK, Bathmate have created a penis pump which works with the body to produce better and bigger erections. Bathmate Hydromax uses water to ensure that a safe, even vacuum is applied over the entire penis without requiring a constriction ring, unlike lesser devices on the market today.

The basic Hydromax is used in the bath or shower. Simply allow yourself to soak or shower for five minutes, then fill the Hydromax with water and depress against the body, expelling water. Releasing the bellows causes blood to be drawn into the penis, causing a powerful erection.

Available in X20, X30 and X40 models for different penis sizes (see below).

Please note: Bathmate are in the process of changing their branding. X20 becomes Hydro 5, X30 becomes Hydro 7, X40 becomes Hydro 9. They are the same product, just different branding.

Should I buy X20, X30 or x40?

It is important to order the right size for your current penis size, or you may find it harder to use the product.

  • If your erect penis has a circumference (girth) larger than 14.4cm/5.7" buy the X40 - do not buy a smaller model
  • If your erect penis is longer than 18cm/7" buy the X40
  • If your erect penis length is between 14cm/5.5" and 18cm/7" buy the X30
  • If your erect penis length is less than 14cm/5.5" buy the X20

Most men buy the X20 or X30 as they comfortably fits the average penis.

Want to know more?

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