Rain Check

Rain Check

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It’s been a mad couple of weeks. With the kids off for their summer holidays and Mr. Divine working away from home, it has been a blur of playdates (for the kids, sadly), taxi duty, summer fêtes and grabbing any opportunity to video chat with Mr. D.

I’ve barely had time to do a proper food shop, let alone eat myself, and unfortunately that has included not being able to see Sophia. We’ve been chatting on WhatsApp though, in those snatched moments when I drop one kid off, and before I have to pick up the next… and it’s been really difficult to say no to her invitations to another rendezvous. Despite the busy schedule, I haven’t stopped thinking about her. The way her hair smelled, how soft her skin was, and the sweetness of her tongue against mine. I have to admit, I’ve been pining a little.

So I finally managed to organise the kids’ booming social life, to give myself one day off before Mr. Divine returns. I took myself off on a little lunch and shopping date, treating myself to some beautiful new négligée: the perfect welcome home gift. Mother Nature treated me to beautiful sunshine the entire afternoon, but in true British Summer-time fashion, dark clouds soon began brewing overhead.
I arrived home and the heavens opened as I looped my arm through one shopping bag and hastened to grab at the others, shrieking like a school girl as I juggled my keys, coffee cup and apparently redundant sunglasses. After days of such intense heat, the rain actually felt amazing, and so I let the moment take over me. I felt my arms relax, and the shopping bags dangled around my thighs, I threw my head back and enjoyed the cool raindrops that soaked my face and hair, feeling them trickle down the back of my blouse and over the curve of my spine.

I soon snapped out of my little moment of paradise as I remembered I was wearing my favourite white blouse and a somewhat skimpy little bra that Mr. Divine had picked out this morning! Laughing to myself and imagining the potentially shocked faces of the nosey neighbours, I skipped the rest of the way to the front door and threw myself in to the dry. Dumping the bags and kicking off my heels, I headed straight for our bedroom and could only imagine what the state of my hair and makeup was.

I grabbed my hair towel, shimmied out of my wet jeans, and began to gingerly tousle dry my hair. Bracing myself for the dishevelled Mrs. Divine in the mirror, I was caught off guard by the woman staring back at me. I looked good. More than good, I looked sexy. I gave myself a long look up and down, throwing the towel to the floor, and smirked into the mirror.

My smudged eyeliner had given me a seductive smokey-eyed look, and my hair hung damp around my face, framing my cheekbones perfectly. My blouse had turned completely see-through, making the delicate red pattern of my bra stand out. My skin was still damp, making my breasts look especially plump and dewy, and I could feel my nipples harden as I traced their darkening outline, excited by my own reflection.

The bottom of my blouse lay against my hip bone, just above the waistband of my white underwear. I spun around and glanced at the reflection of my bottom, admiring how the knickers cupped my tanned cheeks; giggling at just how peachy it looked. I turned to look at my full reflection again, undid the buttons of my blouse and let it lay open to expose my sopping bra and my protruding nipples.

Posing in the mirror, I let myself enjoy how tanned and slender my legs looked, how the curves of my hips met my waist, and how the blouse hung so delicately across my shoulders. I ran my hands down my stomach and as I slipped two fingers into my underwear, I couldn’t help but think of them both… Mr. Divine and Sophia.

Gently, I stroked my clitoris, feeling it swell at my touch, growing hot and wet. My knees weakened beneath me as I increased the pace, moving my fingers in tight little circles. With my free hand, I grabbed the side of the mirror and felt the orgasm build and build.

I thought of him and I thought of her. Images of them both flashed across my mind’s eye; almost competing with each other. His hands. Her neck. His jaw. Her collarbone. His eyes. Her lips. The orgasm ripped through me and I let out a high-pitched moan, caught off guard by the intensity of it all.

I looked up at myself, still clutching the side of the mirror, and marvelled at how my skin glowed, and my eyes sparkled with mischief. I grabbed my phone from where I had flung it on the bed and stood back in front of the mirror. Running my free hand through my hair and positioning one leg in front of the other; I snapped some pics for Mr. Divine. I sent them to him, along with the promise of re-enacting my self-love session upon his return. I knew this would make his day.

Throwing myself onto the bed, I enjoyed the warmth of the sheets against my now chilled skin. I put my phone down, picked it up again, and played this game with myself longer than I care to admit. I wanted her to see… I wanted Sophia to see how sexy I could really be, and for her to know she had been playing on my mind.

‘Sorry,’ I typed, ‘I’ve been so busy! I finally had a spare five minutes to myself. I’ve used them wisely…’ and I attached the pictures.

My thumb hovered over the send button. The strange thrill building inside me mixed with a dull sense of guilt. Would Mr. Divine mind? Sending Sophia the same pictures that were intended for him, even though he knows we chat and that I’d like to see her again?

Putting this though to one side, I took a deep breath and hit send, watching as the message ticks turn from clear to blue almost immediately. I buried my face in my hands, not able to look while she typed her reply.

‘You look incredible, darling. Time well spent indeed… but where was my invite? Tell me you’re free for a coffee this afternoon? ;)”

I couldn’t help but bite my lip and let out a little giggle at her playful winking emoji. My cheeks flushed, and a ridiculous grin spread across my face. When did I get this giddy? I couldn’t help it; she was just so alluring. I haven’t found anyone this magnetic in a while, perhaps not since meeting my Mr. Divine.

Letting my fingers dance across the screen and attempting to play it somewhat cool I wrote: ‘I’ll have to take a rain check on this afternoon, but I’d love to do something soon!’

I lay there, breathless, remembering her hands, the way they glided over my skin effortlessly, and how she explored my body just the way I wanted her to. How she made my back arch and my lips part. The way she looked at me while I grew more and more excited, like she was famished for me. I wriggled my hips, feeling myself getting wet again as her reply flashed up on the screen.

‘You tease. Let me know as soon as you’re free. I’ve got a fun date for us planned…’

And now… I can’t wait for Mr. Divine to get home, to tell him about Sophia and make a plan for our next date. I stretched across the bed, letting myself imagine what she might have planned, and groped around my bedside drawer for my LELO Sona 2. I didn’t have to pick up the kids for hours…