5 minutes that changed Jo Divine

Did you see our co-founder Samantha on “Sex, Myths and the Menopause” with Davina McCall on Channel 4?

This ground-breaking programme appeared on 12th May and will hopefully change the way that menopause is managed in the UK and even beyond these shores. It also shook Jo Divine as Samantha’s knowledge and enthusiasm for how great lubes and toys can improve people’s sex lives, obviously struck a chord, and we were deluged with orders.

We felt that we had properly prepared and possibly even over-ordered on the SONA 2 that featured in the programme. Little did we know that we’d sell out in 30 minutes and even the huge shipment we had express freighted the day after would be nowhere near enough. Nor the next shipment either!

We’d like to thank customers for their patience over the past couple of weeks. Six months of orders came in, during the first five days after the programme aired, and our packing team had made an incredible effort. We made a few mistakes, but we cheerfully put them right. But we have been so pleasantly surprised at people’s patience for products. We are a business that likes to ship same-day, so it is very hard if our standards slip, even in such extreme circumstances.

We are mostly back to normal and apart from orders waiting for the SONA 2, we are shipping in 1-2 days again. There are multiple deliveries for the SONA 2 coming in, so we hope to clear all backorders in the next few days.

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In this newsletter we have an offer on the LELO SONA 2 (ending tomorrow!), Samantha’s blog post all about Sex, Myths and the Menopause, plus the next instalment in Eleni’s BDSM series, all about the misconceptions about BDSM.

Last two days of the LELO Sona 2 offer – save £25

Sona 2

You may wonder why we’d want to sell more LELO SONA 2s, but we’ve got an exclusive offer on the SONA 2 until the end of the bank holiday weekend with £25 off all orders. Please note any orders containing the SONA 2 will be delayed by subject to some delay, but all orders before we raise the price will be honoured at the lower price.

The SONA 2 is currently £63.99 and rises to £88.99 on 1st June. You can spread the cost of 3 months with PayPal’s “Pay in 3” option too.

You can see Samantha and MJ’s video review, along with LELO’s promo video:

Sex, Myths and the Menopause

Sex, Myths and the Menopause

“Sex, Myths and the Menopause”, presented by Davina McCall, aired on 12th May on Channel 4.

Having had a preview of the programme, we knew the impact would be huge, and although many of the personal stories were quite harrowing, the programme ended on an upbeat note and the coverage was very positive afterward.

The Menopause Charity, which was announced a couple of days later and for which Davina is a campaigning ambassador and which Samantha is helping in regards all things sex, is providing free of charge training to GPs and thousands of healthcare professionals have already signed up to take advantage of this programme.

If you haven’t seen the programme, head on over to All 4 or Channel4.com.

Head on over to our blog and read Samantha’s in-depth article on how she has managed her own menopause and tips on how you can continue to enjoy a good sex life throughout your own menopause. Click here to read the article.

Misconceptions about BDSM

Misconceptions about BDSM

In our last newsletter, Eleni guided us through the basics of BDSM

In the next article in her series, she explores common misconceptions about BDSM and the truth that lies behind them.

Click here to read the article.