An Introduction To Prostate Massage

An Introduction To Prostate Massage

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Prostate massage is widely known for its health benefits and potential to deliver some intense orgasms. Read on to find out how prostate massage can benefit you…

What is prostate massage?

The male prostate gland is located approximately 3 inches inside the anus, sitting just behind the bladder. Massaging it enables any secreted fluids to be released, thus cleansing the gland of any impurities. Stimulation of the prostate can also trigger some of the most powerful orgasms that men can have, which are likened to the female equivalent, the multiple orgasm, due to their similar waving nature.

How should I do it?

First of all, you must be prepared for the massage physically and mentally, particularly if you are new to anal penetration: forcing your body into action before it is ready can have detrimental effects, including anal trauma. Begin by relaxing your muscles – a warm bath or a body massage from a partner will help. Then, when ready, begin to massage around the entrance to the anus with a suitable anal lubricant. This will help to relax the anal muscles and it will naturally open up after a little stimulation.

Once you feel comfortable, begin to insert a finger or small toy. Be sure to take things slowly to avoid unwanted muscle tension. As the prostate is not located too far inside the anus, it should not be too difficult to find. Once you have found it, stimulate it with light strokes, then experiment a little until you find a way that works best for you.

What toys do you recommend?

It is recommended that you begin with a smaller toy, then progress to larger ones when you are ready. The Rocks Off Index is a good starting point – it simultaneously stimulates both the prostate and the perineum with sensual vibrations as is the Rocks Off O Boy. The Rocks Off Torex is also a good choice – it is small enough to not be intimidating and is equipped with a rim to prevent it getting lost inside the anus.

Always use plenty of lubricant and a condom if sharing with a partner.

Anal plugs are also useful for prostate massage. From the “ (recommended for beginners) to the Icicles Glass Plug, many different sensations are to be felt… experiment and discover your preference!

If you’d prefer something different, the njoy Fun Wand is a perfect partner for men and women alike – it provides sensational metal stimulation for both the prostate and the G-spot whilst the Icicles No. 70 has been beautifully crafted beautifully crafted with a perfect curvature so that it can reach the G-spot pr P-spot without effort. Both glass and metal sex toys can be gently heated in warm water or cooled down in the fridge( never the freezer) for sensational temperature play too.