Common Features of Vibrators

Common Features of Vibrators

There are multiple features on vibrators which mean that you can enjoy a variety of different types of pleasure. However, sometimes it can be confusing to work out which features will suit you best, and what each feature actually means. Read on to find out what the top 5 common features of vibrators are, and you can decide which is your favourite!

Dual function/ Multi Speed

Nearly all our vibrators offer a range of speeds so you can find the perfect one for your sexual needs. Some of our sex toys also offer dual stimulation in the form of rabbit vibrators such as the Fun Factory Lady BI that pleasure both your clitoris and vagina. Many have dual motors that can work together or independently, so you can choose for double pleasure or just enjoying clitoral or internal sexual stimulation.


Waterproof vibrators are becoming more and more commonplace on the market today, meaning that you can have plenty of bathtime or shower fun with your toy. Be aware though that some toys are only ‘splash-proof’ and therefore should not be submerged in water.

The Fun Factory Tiger G5 is 100% waterproof so ideal for hours of fun in water! Always check to see whether a toy is waterproof, if it is not clearly stated, then do not use it in water: some of our products such as the OhMiBod Cuddle are only splashproof.


So you want a vibrator that you can easily put in your handbag without being embarrassed if people see it? Then you need a vibrator in disguise! Many bullet vibrators such as the Rocks-Off Bamboo or We-Vibe Tango are purposefully designed to resemble everyday items such as a lipstick, when in reality they are a little object of happiness waiting to pleasure you.

It is most commonly our range of clitoral stimulators that can be mistaken for everyday household objects, and therefore go unnoticed by prying eyes. This is because they do not resemble a traditional phallic vibrator shape. Although small in size, clitoral stimulators still provide plenty of pleasure, and are perfect for providing fantastic feelings.

Pulsation Technology

Many vibrators offer a range of pulsation patterns for you to explore and find the perfect one for you.

However some vibrators offer pulsation tecnology that creates unique sexual sensations.

The Fun Factory Stronic Real is part of the pulsator range created by Fun Factory. Instead of vibrating, it has a pulsator motor within it which thrusts the whole toy forward and back, providing a more natural and unique sexual sensation.

Pulse Solo Essential is a vibrator designed for peopel with a penis that uses pulse plate technology to offer a unique sexual experience and can be used with a flaccid or erect penis so ideal for men who have erectile dysfunction

Battery-powered vs. Rechargeable

All of the vibrators available at Jo Divine are either battery-powered or rechargeable. One of the many advantages of battery-powered and rechargeable vibrators over mains power-supplied vibrators is that they are easily portable and not restricted to a nearby power supply. However our mains powered body massagers such as the Doxy come with a 3 metre long cable.

Battery-powered vibrators have a long lifetime and can be easily stored when not in use. Rechargeable vibrators should be allowed a good long charge up before use, and then they will be ready for lots of uninterrupted play!

Remote Controlled Sex Toys

If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your relationship, then a remote controlled sex toy is a great choice! These innovative products are great for lovers of tech as well as those with limited dexterity and mobility.