Pleasurable Pulsator Positions

Pleasurable Pulsator Positions

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Fun Factory released its first pulsator in 2013 and since then has developed this innovative technology to create more unique designs to get your pleasure pulses throbbing! Proving to be a firm favourite, with 87% of women preferring the thrusting motions over classic vibrations, the Stronic range is a truly remarkable feat in German engineering.

How does it work?

Fun Factory’s unique Stronic technology creates a thrusting motion using magnets. Unlike vibrators that often run on a high frequency, the Stronic pulsations run on a much lower frequency but create sensations that are powerful enough to deliver satisfying orgasms.

Like classic vibrators, the Stronic pulsators have a range of pulse-patterns, thrusting at different speeds to mimic the sensations of penetrative intercourse. These range from sensual love making to rampant, fervent thrusts.

The Bi Stronic Fusion is slightly different to the rest of the Stronic family as it has a vibrating clitoral arm, making it the first sex toy of its kind to combine thrusting motions and classic vibrations in one unit, meaning you can get the best of both worlds!

Stronic toys are all rechargeable so you don’t have to worry about batteries, which makes them eco-friendly too.

How do you use it?

Unlike using a classic vibrator, because Stronic toys thrust on their own they can be used hands free. This makes them great products for people with limited dexterity caused by disability, illness or age. Using a good lube such as YES Organic Oil or Water Based Lubricant, simply insert the product like a classic vibrator and get thrusting!

As you can leave the toy alone to do its magic, Stronic products are great for experimenting with in different positions to discover new sensations.

On the bed

Missionary style: it’s an oldie but goodie! Lying on your back or front with your legs together, the Stronic can rest on your thigh while you read some erotica. You could also spread your legs a little and rest the Stronic on the bed depending on how much intensity you want from the pulsing motion. Alternatively, you can lie on your side if you find this position more comfortable.

For deeper satisfaction, place some pillows under your hips to create a greater angle; this may also help make insertion a little easier for you.

If you are able to, set your Stronic on the bed and kneel in front of it on the floor to simulate Doggy-style sex. If you need some support, put a pillow or a small folded blanket under your knees for extra comfort.

Around the house

Because of their hands-free capabilities, Stronic products are really versatile as they allow your sexual creativity to flourish!

The Stronic Surf and Bi Stronic Fusion are great to use while seated in a chair or on the sofa as they have a raised nub and clitoral arm respectively for extra stimulation. You may need to manoeuvre these toys slightly to fit your curves, however this shouldn’t be a problem as the Fusion’s arm is fabulously flexible to ensure it satisfies your individual needs.


Just when you thought the Stronic range couldn’t get any better, all products in the thrusting family are 100% submersible waterproof. Pour yourself a hot bubble bath, lie back and relish in the rapture for the ultimate indulgent relaxation session.

If you’re feeling frisky on a holiday or weekend away, why not take your Stronic for a dip in the pool or for a sizzling soak in a hot tub? Nothing will ever be quite as luxuriously arousing!

With your partner

Leaving your Stronic to do its magic means that your hands are free to do whatever they please, including involving a partner.

Sometimes during sex play your mind is ready for sex but your body need time to catch up, or you may be experiencing a lowered libido due to medication, “medical condition”:“articles/womens-sexual-health or during the” menopause”:articles/womens-sexual-health/enjoying-sex-during-the-menopause. Using a sex toy during foreplay can help to enhance your sexual pleasure, so a Stronic is great for this due to its hands-free capabilities.

Allowing your partner to use a Stronic on you is also a great way of reconnecting, as your partner will be able to see where and how you like to be touched, and they get a great visual thrill from watching your reactions.

Whatever turns you on, remember that with the Stronic range, orgasmic delight is just a thrust away!