Rechargeable vs. Battery-Powered Toys

Rechargeable vs. Battery-Powered Toys

This handy article has been put together to help you decide which type of toy is best suited to you. Of course whether a toy is rechargeable or battery-powered may not be the main reason you decide to purchase your toy, but taking into account certain considerations that come with each different type, is definitely worth thinking about.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Rechargeable Toys

The major advantage for rechargeable toys over battery-powered toys, is that rechargeable toys are better value for money in the long-term, as you do not have to keep spending out on the cost of batteries. The main disadvantage is that you could lose the charger, which means replacing it; but if you keep your charger with your toy there is much less chance of this happening!


All our rechargable products are provided with a USB charging cable, for use with a computer or a USB mains adapter. A USB mains adapter will be automatically added to your basket – you can remove it if you do not require it.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Battery-Powered Toys

The benefits of battery-powered toys include ease of use, long-lasting life, and straight forward insertion and usage – no time spent waiting around for your toy to charge at that crucial moment! The main disadvantage is that you have to replace your batteries after they have come to their end of their life, which could add up over time.


We recommend high quality batteries, suitable for the high power requirements of vibrators that will last a long time and make sure that your vibrator retains a long lifespan.

We recommend that you remove the batteries if your sex toy is not in use regularly.


In conclusion, it is clear to see that there are strong advantages to both rechargeable and battery-powered toys. Although these may not sway your decision entirely, when it comes to making that last decision between two toys you like- we hope that these handy tips help tip the scales for you!

The Picobong Zizo is a fine example of a luxury battery-powered toy. From just 2 AAA batteries you get an incredible 2 hours of play, meaning that the Zizo is economical both to buy and use!

The Fun Factory Big Boss G5 and Pulse Solo Essential on the other hand, are both good examples of high quality rechargeable luxury toys that have no need for batteries.

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