Blinded By Sexual Pleasure

Blinded By Sexual Pleasure

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How many times have you described sex as being sensational when you’ve only used two of your five senses? I’ve done it hundreds of times. Only when I experienced sexual sensory play did I uncover the reality of truly sensational sex; sex where four of your senses are not only included, but heightened as well.

With the distraction of sight taken away, your smell, touch, hearing and taste all go into overdrive. There is really no way as fun or unintimidating to up the bedroom spice as with sexual sensory play, and all you really need is a blindfold. You may want to make things a little more interesting with some handcuffs too.

If the world of kink intrigues you and scares you at the same time, sensory play is the perfect first step. Although it doesn’t have to be seen as kinky, it can involve both dominant and submissive roles. This is especially true if you choose to include handcuffs, as the dominant partner derives sexual pleasure from controlling the pleasure of their partner. The submissive partner is in a position of vulnerability, trust and if all goes to plan, orgasmic bliss.

I recommend discussing your limits before any sensory play if you are going to be trying new things. Are there certain sensations that will make you uncomfortable? When in the role of sensation supplier, you want to know that you’re giving your partner the most enjoyable experience possible. A, “What the hell is that and why are you touching me with it?” experience is likely to spoil the mood.


When I think of sexy sounds, the first thing that comes to mind is dirty talk, but that isn’t for everyone. Some people may prefer to take a different approach in arousing their partner’s ears. For me, the sexiest sounds are the ones that make my body tense up in anticipation. The sound of a crop slapping against skin, the buzz of a vibrator nearing closer to my body, the silence of my partner planning his next move.

Another option is to try some erotic audio. You can find some online or use the power of your own voice and imagination. Combining the audio with well timed physical stimulation will have your partner drifting off into a world of erotic bliss. There is also, of course, seductive music. Sexual pleasure given to the rhythm of a great sex playlist can be a hugely erotic experience.

Sound is the perfect way to begin sensory play too. Whilst placing the blindfold over their eyes, whisper in their ear. It can be whatever you both find the most arousing. “Are you ready to be blinded by sexual pleasure?” is one of my personal favourites.


As you know, this powerful sense is closely linked to our memory, so you may wish to choose a special scent, such as with a scented candle, for your sensory play sessions. Smells like vanilla, cinnamon, jasmine and rose are all known arousers. From the first time onwards that aroma will trigger arousal and excitement, setting the mood for future sessions.

If you’re both open to trying some spanking, I recommend a leather paddle. The smell of leather is highly arousing and wafting the paddle under your partner’s nose will fill them with anticipation for what is to come.

Lastly, probably the most arousing smell to a person is their partner’s natural scent. Make sure you get close, giving them the opportunity to smell what they love most: you!


There are so many ways to experiment with touch in the bedroom, and chances are you’ve already got this one down. However, to enhance the fun I recommend using a cocktail of different tactile sensations.

Go from a cold ice cube to a feather tickler, a pinched nipple to a kissed inner thigh, a whip of a flogger to a cool lubricated stroke of the genitals. Use a vibrator on less obvious areas like the nipples and perineum. Use your mouth to lick, nibble and kiss them all over. Experiment with different materials to tantalize their skin. Touch places you would never usually touch. Let them enjoy you, enjoying their body.


Food is one of my favourite things, inside and outside of the bedroom. Fruit cut into bite size pieces and passed to my mouth from between his teeth is erotic perfection. For me, it’s the juicier the better, although that depends on how you feel about messy sheets.

If you’re really okay with messy sheets, melted chocolate is a massive winner. You can dip fruit into the chocolate, or even better, have them lick and suck it from your finger. Take things slow, brushing the food over their lips, teasing their taste buds. If food’s not for you then you could transfer a drink, like champagne, from your mouth into theirs.

A taste they are sure to love is you! If it’s something they are comfortable with, you could try having them taste their own sexual juices too.

The Finale

The finale is completely dependant on how you are both feeling at that time. Although I usually end sensory play by removing the blindfold and having some great sex, there are no rules. If you want to bring your partner all the way to orgasm through an intense build up of sensory pleasure, I’m quite sure they will be happy to oblige.

The main thing to remember in sexual sensory play is to keep things exciting. Awaken their senses by going from one sense to the next. Don’t be afraid to try new things, but do discuss them first. I have barely scratched the surface of stimulating ideas, so keep your imagination flowing and find ways to enhance the things you already love.

Written By : Aurora Glory