Frisky in First-Class

Frisky in First-Class

This is the winner of the Jo Divine’s Diary competition, by Elly @ellywriteswords. We’re keeping it in our Sexploration section for the moment as we’re going to have some exciting episodes leading up to this point.


I have always loved the seaside, Brighton in particular. The fresh smell of the salt spray, kicking pebbles across the beach and those little winding alleyways with all their sparkling treasure. The coast has always reminded me of wholesome childhood holidays; until now.

Now, Brighton reminds me of Sophia and our weekend away, and that fire she ignites across my entire body. With Mr. Divine having always taken charge of our little getaways, I had no problem letting Sophia take the lead and plan our weekend on the pier.

“Meet me at the train station at 4pm on Friday and wear your shortest sundress” she had told me via text, that little winking emoji coaxing a blush to my cheeks. I could just imagine the smirk on her face as she typed it out, I couldn’t wait.

She had arrived before me, waiting on the platform and looking like a Hollywood starlet with her hair swept up off her face and a figure-hugging dress draped over her curves. She managed to look glamorous and naturally beautiful all at the same time. I bit my lower lip at the sight of her, a smile spreading across my face. She caught sight of me and strode across the platform, wrapping me in her arms and planting a short but sweet kiss on my smiling lips.

“Not quite the shortest dress but still pretty impressive, darling” she teased, linking her arm with mine and walking me down towards the First Class carriage.
My overnight bag felt heavy on my shoulder and a wave of nervous excitement washed over me as I thought about the lingerie I had packed. I had giggled like a schoolgirl when Mr. Divine had helped me pick out what negligee to take, his eyes bright and mischievous as he encouraged me to pack the skimpiest of pajamas.

Sophia and I settled down in the carriage while the train pulled out of the station. I sat down and took a deep breath, looking up at her womanly frame as she scanned the mostly empty seats, clocking the one snoozing businessman a few seats behind us.

“Well, we nearly have the place to ourselves” She lowered herself into the seat opposite me and raised her perfectly plucked eyebrows, folding one leg over the other and bumping mine ever so slightly. The energy between us had changed since our steamy night of tapas and temptation. Every little touch felt electric, sharp currents running from my brain to my body in exquisite little zaps! Despite the nerves, I knew I wanted more.

We spent most of the short journey chatting and flirting, munching on mini tubs of olives and sipping from little cans of gin and tonic. Sophia threw her head back and laughed at something silly I had said, resting one hand on her chest and using the other to release her hair from its loose bun. I watched her as she glanced out of the window, running her fingers through her hair and letting it fall around her shoulders, wisps of it gently laying upon her décolletage. Her tanned skin glistened slightly and before I knew it, I leant across the space between us and lightly kissed along her exposed collarbone. I heard a small, sweet moan escape her lips.

I leant back into my seat, letting out a breathless apology and glancing at the gentleman behind us, wondering if he had seen or if he was still sleeping. Sophia locked her eyes with mine, noticing my distraction, my excitement and my heaving chest.

“You can kiss me properly if you’d like. Right here and right now. If you wanted to” Sophia’s words practically purred out of her glossed lips, and I could feel my eyebrows pinch together in longing.

I wanted to. Of course, I wanted to. Sophia leant in closer, uncrossing her legs and letting them rest in between both of mine. I felt myself gravitating towards her, staring into those mischievous eyes and feeling my lips part in anticipation. Sophia brushed a thumb across my bottom lip, and I longed to taste her. My hands reached out for her face, her soft skin and delicate cheeks.

Then we were kissing. Soft and sweet to begin with, both of us nudging each other’s noses in affection and stealing glances with such wanting in our eyes. Her tongue flicked across my lips and tempted my mouth open. She massaged my tongue with hers as our legs entwined and I could feel our bodies melt together as we balanced on the edge of our seats. I felt a moan of pure pleasure escape from my lips as Sophia’s hands wandered across my thighs, nudging the hem of my dress higher, her nails gently scratching against my skin. My own hands stroked her bare shoulders and travelled up to her slender neck.

As the heat between my thighs burned hotter and hotter, I felt my kisses quicken and I just couldn’t get enough. My hands reached for her hair, and I felt my fingers bury themselves in the silky strands. I let out a sound that I didn’t recognize; something gruff and desperate. I gripped at her hair, tilting her head back to get another look at her, my eyes hungry and wild; surprised by my own bold action. Her eyes were closed, and her skin was glowing. She had that smirk across her face that makes my knees week and clitoris thump like a heartbeat. I wanted her, I wanted all of her in every possible way that I could. I held her head back for a moment longer as my mind raced with all the things I had always wanted to do with another woman, with Sophia.

I jumped and my hands fell to my lap as I heard a loud snore erupt from our carriage mate. Sophia’s eyes shot open, and she clasped her hands across her mouth, stifling a giggle. The corners of her eyes crinkled, and I could hear the high notes of her laugh break free. I beamed and let out a loud laugh, disturbing our sleepy businessman. We both held on to each other as we tried desperately not to erupt in hysterics.

We eventually caught our breath as the train slowly rolled into our destination. The sun was setting, and an orange glow filled the carriage, highlighting the sweat on our skin and my flushed cheeks.

“We’ve only just arrived and already I’m more than a little flustered, darling. I can’t imagine how you’re going to make me feel by the end of the weekend” Sophia whispered as we eventually untangled our limbs and straightened our dresses.

I watched her stand and move gracefully towards the doors. I gingerly grabbed my overnight bag and made sheepish eye contact with the once sleeping businessman. I took a deep breath and slowly stood up, feeling my lace knickers damp between my thighs.

As the train doors swung open, Sophia shot me a wink and another wave of pleasure shot through me. I bit my lip again and knew I was in such delicious trouble.