Why is massage so beneficial?

Massage has a range of physiological and psychological benefits and can be done either with a partner or solo to promote a wide range of these wonderful health benefits. Massage lowers blood pressure, is intensely stress relieving and can help to combat aches and pains. It is one of the most intimate forms of foreplay and can be be used to give your partner a very sensual treat.

What are the benefits of different types of massage?

Body massage

Body massage is beneficial because it promotes an all-over feeling of well-being, and a relaxed state of mind. By using different degrees of pressure through your palms onto your partner, you can help to relax their muscles and increase their physical sensitivity.

All-over body massagers are fantastic products to use if you are unable to fully perform a massage yourself, or wish to experiment with different pulsations and vibrations; all of which can be intensely pleasurable. The Doxy Massager for example is a revolutionary mains operated body massager that can provide both soft stimulations and deep muscle massage. However you choose to indulge your massage is up to you! Read Jo Divine’s Introduction to Massage to familiarise yourself with some useful techniques.

Clitoral massage

For those who are not ready or able to have vaginal sex, clitoral massage is a fantastic way of providing intense sexual pleasure. Clitoral massage is extremely beneficial for couples with physical disabilities, both neurological and physical, as you can employ clitoral massage without penetrative sex. For those women who are able to have vaginal sex, clitoral massage is an intensely satisfying form of foreplay, and a sensual way of ensuring multiple orgasms.

Clitoral stimulators can be used in conjunction with clitoral massage to help create a sensual mood and erotic atmosphere. The Je Joue Mimi Soft is a gorgeous clitoral stimulator that harnesses wonderfully rumbling vibrations resulting in immense orgasmic release. Thanks to its soft and squidgy tip, it glides across your delicate skin in style, promising pure pleasure sensations to melt away your stresses.. To find out more information including how to perform clitoral massage, read Jo Divine’s In Depth Look at the Clitoris.

Prostate Massage

Male prostate massage is a wonderful way of releasing stress and getting to know your partner more intimately. Massaging it enables any secreted fluids to be released, thus cleansing the gland of any impurities. Stimulation of the prostate can also trigger some of the most powerful orgasms that men can have, which are likened to the female equivalent, the multiple orgasm, due to their similar waving nature.

If you or your partner aren’t comfortable with the idea of using a finger to locate your prostate, then you should use a vibrating prostate massager. Prostate massagers such as the Rocks Off Butt Boy are a luxurious way of familiarising yourself with this erogenous area, and gently massaging it for intense pleasure. To discover more, read Jo Divine’s Introduction to Prostate Masssage.

What can I use to enhance massage?

Massage candles

Massage candles are the perfect accompaniment for sensual massage. Their special oil can be used as lubrication for your massage and you need not worry about hurting your partner with hot wax – they melt at very low temperatures and are 100% body safe.

You can also experiment with nourishing organic lubricants and wax play.