The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party

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I’m Louise, the female half of a married couple, both in our forties. We had been together for 12 years when we decided to dip a toe in the water of the swinging lifestyle. We joined a well-known swingers site and started visiting clubs like Le Boudoir and Bristol Gardens. Both the couples side of things and our mutual decision to indulge in single hook-ups got a big thumbs-up from us.

For my birthday, my husband John, organised for me what was probably the birthday party of a lifetime!

The real turning point for us both was attending a Couples’ Massage event with Colin Richards, a well-known Sex Engineer. We both found that kind of format provided what we had been looking for – a small, hand-picked mix of couples in a private venue.

After that we knew we’d found our ideal dynamic.

Fast forward 3 months and I’m in a gorgeous apartment in north London, complete with 2 double bedrooms, walk-in power showers and a roof terrace! The perfect spot for indulging in some couples’ naughtiness.

The guest list was pulled together expertly by my gorgeous husband, approaching contacts made at the Massage party, as well as couples we had never met but chatted to online. A big risk for all involved you might say but we definitely got lucky – a great group of 7 couples had been assembled.

As guests arrived, Champagne corks popped and people oohed and aahed at the view from the roof terrace. After about half an hour of chatting, we moved to the centrepiece for the evening – our own massage table. I stripped off and jumped on to enjoy a rub down from about 10 other people! Face-down I didn’t know who was where and I didn’t care – being massaged is bliss for me at any time but by so many people at once was incredibly relaxing and sensual at the same time.

I could hear all around me the sound of clothes being discarded and one couple had already kicked proceedings off in spectacular style. One couple stripped down to their underwear and he was massaging his wife’s g-spot through her underwear. Another female guest stripped down to her thong, eager to be next on the massage table.

I jumped off and switched places with her, eagerly repaying the favour by massaging her soft skin while she moaned with pleasure. At this point, guests started to drift downstairs to make use of the large double beds. Except they didn’t quite make it! I walked downstairs to find one female guest bent over the bannister in front of a massive mirror while my husband entered her from behind. As if by magic, another female guest appeared and started playing with her nipples.

The group play had begun!

I led my charge past them into the bedroom where we settled in for some oral sex – my favourite go-to activity. But before any momentum was gathered, other guests started to file in to the room until all but one couple were on the same double bed! I was attended to by several willing suitors, including one female guest with a very nimble tongue. As I lay there, I had a grandstand view of my husband giving his partner oral sex until she had a massive orgasm, which was a huge turn-on!

Highlight of the evening for me happened whilst sucking the very generously endowed youngest male guest (31 – I’ve still got it!). He turned and asked me if I would like to play with his girlfriend and her strap-on. I’m not often lost for words but that moment is definitely a contender. While the two of them went off to get her kitted out, my husband teased me with our favourite toy until I had another screaming orgasm. By this time I was unbelievably wet and turned on. As if on cue, she strutted in sporting a very healthy-looking purple strap-on. I proceeded to get on all-fours and she lost no time in entering me and starting to thrust. I sucked my husband’s cock while he watched the spectacle unfold in front of him until he exploded in my mouth. That’s one couple we’ll definitely be seeing again!

The evening continued in a similar vein, with couples going from massage table to double bed all evening. Everyone had a blast and the dynamic was spot on – despite only knowing one of the couples, John managed to bring together such a great group of people.

Future rendezvous are all but guaranteed, either in smaller groups and foursomes or simply to repeat the experience of a larger private party.

Names in this article (including the author’s) have been changed.