Wax on, Wax off - hot wax and temperature play

Wax on, Wax off - hot wax and temperature play

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Enhancing play with warm and cold sensations stimulates the senses and our neuroreceptors which creates arousal and is a simple way to spice things up.

I have previously spoken about fire play. Wax and temperature play is safer and easier but requires practice and instruction before you can safely try it unsupervised at home, so read on to discover more.

Wax Play

Did you ever sit, playing with a candle at a table and poking it till the wax runs? Well, me too, the slow hot warm drips over your fingers or the table then sets hard…

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Do NOT use standard household candles for wax play. They burn far too hot, and the wax will scald anyone they are dripped on to. Do not be tempted to try. Wax play candles are specifically formulated and created for safe play.

It is important to know what the ingredients are in your wax play candles. Wax play candles are soy-based, unscented and only have skin safe colouring and minimal additives. Beware of cheap wax play candles from various web outlets, as many contain ingredients that are not suitable for safe wax play.


How do I wax play?

Light your candle, allow it to melt a little, then hold up and drip on the skin.

The wax will feel cooler the higher you hold the candle or more intense in temperature the closer you drip the wax onto the body. It is an instant heat sensation that passes in seconds before you feel the wax cool and harden. I recommend starting with play on the back before you try other areas of the body.

If you wish, you can create wax art by making different designs and pictures, however I’m personally not a fan of this, I like my wax play to be about the scene, how it feels for the person receiving the wax play and any wax is going to look pretty. You can get in many colours, including UV colours that look stunning and glow when a black light torch is shone on them.

Try mixing up the different sensations with temperature play and bring ice into your play, dripping hot wax in one hand and ice-cold drips from an ice cube with the other to mix up the mind.

You can also get pouring wax jugs which are best lit and left to melt for a couple of minutes, then blown out, then blow on the wax a little followed by a fast pour over the skin, creating an intense hit. These create long flowing wax on the skin, which looks and feels fantastic on the breasts or the curves of the bum. Do not leave these burning for long, it is best to relight to go on for another pour, as letting the candle burn too long makes the wax too hot in the jug and can leave burns on the skin.

If you are hairy, then you can put a bit of lube or body oil on the skin first to lubricate, although this only assists with wax removal and is not essential.

Wax on booobs

Wax Play Safety Measures

Always have a cool damp towel with you and stop if your partner is not tolerating the heat, as some skin types will be more sensitive than others. You may notice red marks after playing with wax, depending on skin type, but these usually go down quickly. You can also lay the damp towel over the red area, or even continue to play by running ice cubes over the skin after wax removal.

If you are nervous about trying wax play for the first time, try a workshop. If you would like to attend a wax play workshop, look out for dates on my social media.

Wax play

So how do we take the wax off?

This is as much fun as the wax, the scraping sensation is also part of the scene and creates an added level of stimulation. You can use scrapers, credit type cards and even a knife…..

My personal favourites are wooden wax play knives from Wicked Woods who trades at the London Alternative Market (LAM).

You slowly scrape your chosen removal item close to the skin and the hard wax lifts off, yes it’s messy, so have a bin handy. Wax play is best done with a dust sheet or mat on the floor or bed. Baby wipes can be used to soften wax, and a warm shower afterwards will get any last bits off the skin.

Where can I buy Wax Play Candles?

I make my own candles on a bespoke basis, and you can DM me on my Twitter account @mysecretXXX if you would like to buy some candles. Alternatively, there are fetish markets where you will find traders who are experienced, highly knowledgeable and passionate about the products they make and sell.

Other than my own candles, my favourite suppliers are http://www.thebondageman.com and https://trusseduk.com

Oral sex and temperature play

Add a twist to your oral sex by taking a sip of an ice-cold drink or sucking an ice cube before you go down on your partner, let the cold liquid run over his shaft or her clitoris before your mouth warms back up. A personal favourite to use is ice-cold Champagne or Prosecco, lots of fizzy bubbles! You can also apply the same method with a warm drink, or blindfold your partner and alternate both.

Using Ice

Run ice cubes over the skin including all the erogenous zones, over the nipples down across the torso…. Cold drips run over the skin…. followed by kisses and licks from your warm mouth. Great to cool you down after a hot session or on a warm day.

Warm or cool your sex toys

Jo Divine stocks a fabulous range of glass and metal dildos, these are fantastic for temperature play as they can be chilled in the fridge and used whilst cool and also dipped in warm water to warm up. Create a scene, blindfold your partner, have both iced water and warm water to hand and alternate between cooling and warming the dildo, run it over the skin as well as for penetration. Mix this up with both wax and ice play for a session that will leave you floaty and feeling very mmmmmm………

Food Play is Temperature Play

Food play is great for external temperature play, imagine warm chocolate sauce being poured over you or cold ice cream…ice lollies …. then licked off…..yummy, messy and sexy.

The possibilities for temperature play are endless, follow the suggestions above and get creative! From massage candles, warm massage oil, glass and metal sex toys, or even chains, use your imagination and have lots of fun.


Love Secrets xx