How to use Jiggle Balls

How to use Jiggle Balls

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Maintaining a strong, healthy pelvic floor is important for women at any age, as this muscle controls both bladder and orgasm function. Just like a hammock, which this muscle resembles, the pelvic floor can become loose over time.

The Pubococcygeus muscle, also known as the PC muscle, can be exercised by contracting and releasing the vaginal wall. However, if you want to tone your pelvic floor efficiently, using Jiggle Balls is a good way to help you engage your PC muscles.

Jiggle Balls are worn internally and are available in a variety of of designs. Beginners may wish to try balls designed with a cord attached, as this can help with removing them. The Fun Factory Smartballs Uno and Duo are designed in this way, and they also have a tapered head to help with ease of insertion.

The OhMiBod Flex set of Kegel exercise weights are a great way to take control of your pelvic floor health and strength. The Flex weights are suitable for beginners due to their unintimidating size, and they are made from skin safe silicone, making them easy to insert and to clean too.

A little oil or water based lubricant can also make insertion feel more comfortable.

Once the Jiggle Balls are inserted, engage your pelvic floor muscles by tensing them around the balls. Once the muscles are activated, try to manoeuvre the balls up and down your vaginal canal. As your pelvic floor becomes stronger, this will be easier to do over time.

For those with stronger PC muscles or those looking to tone up even more, you can get balls and weights that are cordless too. The LELO Luna Beads come with balls of varying weights that can be worn inside a harness or in the vagina on their own. You can use one ball at a time, or two simultaneously. As with corded Jiggle Balls, once the ball has been inserted, try to move it around with your PC muscles.

Beginners may want to practice their Kegel exercises with Jiggle Balls while seated with their legs together. More advanced positions for using Jiggle Balls include standing or squatting. If you’re concerned about a ball getting lost inside of you, don’t worry! Either gently pull the cord, or if you are using a ball without a cord then squat and push the ball with your pelvic muscles.

Making your Kegel exercises part of your daily routine will help to tone your PC muscles efficiently, so try to aim for at least five minutes of exercising a day. Small changes like this will save you time and money in the long run, as you won’t have to rely on incontinence pads or, in extreme cases, surgery in later life.

You could also follow a Jiggle Ball Exercise Plan, or alternatively there are products available that have in-built training programmes that prompt you to squeeze your PC muscles. The LELO Luna Smart Bead is a nifty little device that can do wonders for your pelvic health, as are E-Stim vibrators from MyStim. While these are obviously not Jiggle Balls, E-Stim vibrators have the added bonus of sensual vibrations so you can treat yourself to some feel-good vibes as a reward for practicing your pelvic floor exercises!