LELO Luna Beads Exercise Plan

LELO Luna Beads Exercise Plan

The LELO Luna Beads Exercise Plan is a suggested Pelvic Floor exercise regime to help to improve your control over your vaginal muscles.

The 16 Week Exercise Regime

It is recommended that you use the balls for 1-2 hours every day – however, they can be worn for as long as you feel necessary. The recommended duration of each stage is two weeks, but you may move on to the next stage before this if you feel that you are ready.

Weeks 1 & 2: Begin by placing the two pink balls inside the silicone harness. The pink balls are lighter (28g), so are much easier to retain within the vagina – especially if you have never followed a Kegel exercise routine before. Insert the beads into the vagina so that they sit just above the opening. You may find that they fall out easily at first, but your body will adapt to the presence of the balls very quickly.

Weeks 3 & 4: Insert the harness into the vagina as before, but remove the first ball from the harness (the one without the string attached) before doing so. The absence of the first ball enables the pelvic floor muscles to squeeze tightly on the empty harness, giving your vagina a harder workout.

Weeks 5 & 6: Remove the second ball from the harness (the one with the string attached) and insert it into the vagina by itself. The presence of the small ball by itself means that it can move around more freely – use your muscles to push it backwards and forwards within your vagina for maximum results.

Weeks 7 & 8: Take the first ball (the one with no string) and insert it into the vagina by itself. This stage is where you can truly put your newly-found strength to the test – as there is no pull cord on this ball, you have to push it out by using your muscles.

Weeks 9 – 16: Repeat all of the above stages, but this time, use the blue balls instead of the pink. The blue balls are heavier (37g), so test the strength of your pelvic floor muscles even further.

Once you have completed your 16 week exercise plan, you can maintain your new-found muscle tone by repeating the last stage of the regime one to two times per week. Start doing Kegel exercises today and see the results for yourself!