Je Joue Magnetic Charger Cable

Je Joue Magnetic Charger Cable

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The Je Joue USB Charger Cable lets you charge Je Joue toys from your computer or USB charging plug.

This cable is supplied with Je Joue vibrators, but you can purchase this item if you have lost the original or need a spare. It is a suitable replacement for the original Je Joue plug charger, so long as it is used with an external power source (see below).

This product is suitable for Je Joue products which have a magnetic charger. It is not suitable for the Je Joue bullets or the Nuo or Dua.

Please note this product requires an external power source such as a computer USB port or a mobile phone charger such as those supplied with Apple and Android phones.

If you require a power source, you can purchase our USB charger as well which will happily charge your Je Joue product (please note you still require this cable to connect your toy to the charger).