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Luna beads from LELO are a stylish take on the kegel exerciser balls.

By stimulating the involuntary reflex in the pelvic floor muscles, Luna beads work to strengthen the vaginal wall.

This stimulation improves muscle control, and through simple exercise helps you to better bladder control and for many people better orgasms!

The movement of the balls can also generate a feeling of sexual arousal in the wearer and many use them as part of foreplay.

Luna beads arrive with two different weight sets of balls - 2 balls weighing 28g and 2 balls weighing 37g, which means you have 3 different weight combinations to try. This allows you to start with the lighter weights and build up to heavier weights as you train your muscles.

Luna beads are available in two different sizes - both of which come with 2 weight sets - which are identical except for their size.

Regular is generally suitable for women over 30 and/or those women who have given birth vaginally - in this set the bead size is 36mm and they sit in a girdle measuring 89x35x16mm.

Mini is often preferred by those under 30 years who have not experienced childbirth - in this set, the bead size is 29mm and the girdle size is 75x30x10mm.

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