LELO Luna Smart Bead
LELO Luna Smart Bead
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LELO Luna Smart Bead

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The Luna Smart Bead from LELO is the Kegel Exerciser with a difference - unlike regular Kegel Balls, the Smart Bead has the technology to track and train the strength of your pelvic floor. What’s more, the Smart technology reacts to your touch, making the routine unique to your specific needs.

The Smart Bead has five exercise levels, which are indicated via LED flashes located on the side of the bead, near the on and off button. The bead works by releasing a sequence of vibrations, which indicate for the user to contract their pelvic floor muscles. The contractions are then picked up by the bead’s touch sensors, and are memorised to track your progress. To make the most of your Kegel routines, each five minute session is more intense than the last!

The Luna Smart Bead is easy to use - simply turn on and insert, waiting for three vibrations to indicate the start of the session. The next vibrations you feel are indicators for you to contract your pelvic floor, and squeeze down until the vibrations stop. These could be short bursts or longer contractions depending on your ability. Each session lasts approximately five minutes, and the end of a session is indicated by three short vibrations.

Please note that the Luna Smart Bead is a Kegel Exerciser that aims to improve your PC muscle strength, and in turn the overall strength of your orgasms. The Luna Smart Bead is very unlikely to produce orgasms when used internally. The bead does have a continuous mode allowing it to be used externally for clitoral stimulation, but we would strongly suggest you do not buy it for this reason alone!

The Smart Bead is 100% waterproof and coated with LELO’s unique skin safe silicone, and has a silicone harness for easy removal.

Size: 31 x 34 x 82mm/1.2" x 1.3" x 3.2"

Powered by a single AAA battery (supplied).