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Sexual Lubricants

Some people might think they'll never need a lubricant, but the vast majority of people need a little help occasionally.

Sex toys tend to dry out the vagina slightly, even though the materials that our products are made from do this less than those made from jelly or latex.

Water based lubricants are safe for all sexual activities. They have a tendency to dry out after a while, but re-application or a little sprinkle of water will re-activate the lubricant. They are highly suitable for all of our silicone toys and are very easy to wash off.

Silicone lubricants, while unsuitable for silicone toys, do have the major advantage of a little going a very long way. They also last for a long time during play and are very enjoyable to use for any activities not involving a silicone toy.

Oil based lubes are another alternative: we stock a gorgeous organic oil based lube from Yes, which although unsuitable for latex condoms, is suitable for all toys as well as sex itself. Its thicker consistency makes it particularly suitable for play with anal toys.

Yes Organic Lubricants are certified by the Soil Association, so it makes them highly suitable for perineal massage and could be the ideal solution for people who have had allergic reactions to other lubricants.

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