To The End of Week 1 (Days 4-8) - Bathmate Penis Pump Long Term Review

To The End of Week 1 (Days 4-8) - Bathmate Penis Pump Long Term Review

Day 4

A day off from exercise. Always good to have a rest!

Day 5

Back to the shower, which confirms to me that I prefer to use it in the bath, but I managed to get on much better with filling and using the unit than I did on my first shower attempt.

I really do feel that the key to a better session in the shower is to make sure you have properly warmed the penis and scrotum with the shower and I possibly skimped on this today.

I have noticed that the discomfort I felt above the pubic bone has decreased considerably.

Day 6

Another shower session for 10 minutes. Practice makes perfect and I’m able to fill and use the Bathmate in the shower with little problem.

Day 7

I used the Bathmate twice today over two 10 minute shower sessions.

Day 8

Back to the bath for today’s session. As I had some time to myself, I decided to make sure I had a good soak followed by the full 20 minutes exercise.

I have realised that you get a better session if you pump a bit then rest and let the erection build. After the erection has built you can then pump some more and it is easier to build the pressure with less effort required.