A Summary of using the Bathmate Hydromax for 1 week

A Summary of using the Bathmate Hydromax for 1 week

At the end of the first week of using the Bathmate, my biggest surprise is just how much I’ve enjoyed using it. Having your penis stretched by a vacuum pump doesn’t sound much fun but it actually feels good! The technique takes some getting used to but it isn’t that difficult.

So what changes have I noticed? As far as size is concerned, not that much as yet – although my wife has commented that I feel longer and thicker at the base of the shaft. I cannot see or measure much change myself, except from directly after use when I had an extra 1.5cm of girth. This is not a permanent gain, however.

Size is not the point of this blog, however, and the real gains of using the Bathmate have been very apparent to me. This week I have experienced a massive rise in my sex drive. I have had to have an orgasm every day I have used the Bathmate – not immediately afterwards, but every evening apart from the day I didn’t use it. I seldom masturbate to orgasm but on the nights where my wife hasn’t felt like joining in, I have had to. I haven’t had this level of sex drive for quite a while.

In addition, my erections have also been harder and spring up at a moment’s notice. Even better, my orgasms have been wonderfully intense and sensations during sex appear heightened, as though my penis’ sensitivity has been increased.

All I can say at the moment is forget the monkey glands if you need a libido boost – get a Bathmate instead!

I do also feel that there are other benefits to the penis’ health by giving it a daily warm bath while erect. My foreskin – which has experienced tightness problems and even tearing – is very supple and mobile. My penis feels denser and more substantial even when flaccid.