Day 3: Bathmate Video Star - Bathmate Penis Pump Long Term Review

Day 3: Bathmate Video Star - Bathmate Penis Pump Long Term Review

I ended up skipping the morning exercise, so decided to have an evening soak.

I followed the same routine as before, but so I could give you some interesting statistics (and yes, it is very hard to count seconds when using a pump) I made a video so I could see the pump in action. Sorry, this isn’t for general release!

Probably due to being worried about dropping my phone in the bath, I entered the pump entirely flaccid. But worries about an expensive phone repair and the thought of having to explain to my wife why I’d dropped my phone in the bath didn’t impair the effectiveness of the Bathmate. In just 10 seconds the pump had given me a 14cm (5.5”) erection! In 30 seconds it was 15cm (6”). This thing will give you an erection in no time!

The next bit of pumping required two hands, so my penis ended its moment as video star. Subsequent depressions brought the unit to full pressure and it was touching the 19cm (7.5”) measurement on the Bathmate tube – I’ve no idea how closely they resemble reality, but it can’t be far off.

I mentioned at the start of this blog that the Bathmate appeared to have room for a girth of 21cm (8.25”), and I can’t help but notice that at this level of vacuum there really doesn’t seem to be all that much room left, although I suspect that is down to the distortion caused by the water in the tube.

This time, I used the pump for the maximum recommended time of 20 minutes. As before, I felt a little sore on the pubic bone area, but otherwise all was good – and I was rather surprised to find that my penis girth has increased temporarily by 1.5cm (0.6”) to 17.5cm (6.9”). The gain seemed to last a little bit longer than last time.

I really enjoyed this session with the Bathmate. It left me feeling good about myself and also strongly aroused – if you have problems with arousal, it is a great thing to note that getting an erection can lead to strong feelings of arousal, in the same way that forcing yourself to smile can have the rather odd effect of making you feel happier.

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