Week 2 with Bathmate Hydromax - Bathmate Penis Pump Long Term Review

Week 2 with Bathmate Hydromax - Bathmate Penis Pump Long Term Review

Not surprisingly after the excitement of the first week, my hormones have calmed down, but I’ve continued to use the Bathmate on an almost daily basis.

My exercise regime this week was:

Sunday – day off!
Monday – bath time with a full 20 minute session in the pump
Tuesday to Friday – shower with 10-15 minutes each morning
Saturday – full 20 minute session in the bath

I continue to find it much easier to use the Bathmate in the bath rather than the shower, but my confidence with using it in the shower has increased, especially after I got the shower strap accessory. Without the shower strap you have to support the weight of the pump with one of your hands, which makes it more inconvenient to use – with this you can clean your teeth or have a shave while wearing the product!

In the bath, suction is much easier to achieve and maintain and it is easier to deflate/refill the pump a couple of times which helps with obtaining the largest pumped erection. At the end of the Saturday session, I noticed the pumped length was now 1cm longer (at 20cm) than when I started according to the markings on the tube.

As far as the physical effects outside of the pump exercise session, I don’t believe there have been any significant changes to the size of my erection as far as the tape measure goes, but it undeniably looks and feels more substantial. An erection is both easier to achieve and maintain.

My wife comments that it feels both longer and thicker – and not just at the base as she previously mentioned. I personally believe this is due to the increased hardness of the erections I get rather than an actual increase in size.

I continue to be a very happy user of the X40.