Week 4 - Gains Start To Stick

Week 4 - Gains Start To Stick

I’ve managed to use the Bathmate every morning this week in the shower, and I can only describe my experience as “more of the same”. I have, however, noticed my first permanent size gains – well, I say permanent, but what I really mean is still easily achievable after 24 hours. Using a pump is the same as any exercise regime – if you stop doing it, the gains will slowly fade away.

What I’ve noticed is my erection girth is now 16.5cm, 24 hours after last using the Hydromax. Now, a 0.5cm increase in girth may not sound like a lot, but that is the equivalent of a 6% increase in volume of the penis while erect! As mentioned before, my erections are now much harder, and even my flaccid penis feels like it has more substance.