Week 5 - Something's Gone Wrong!

Week 5 - Something's Gone Wrong!

Sad to report that this week didn’t turn out too well with the Bathmate as it developed a fault.

Of course, it did mean that I had to experience Bathmate’s customer support – which thankfully turned out to be fine. Unfortunately, the valve which lets water out and keeps air out developed a fault, which meant that although water was expelled from the pump, air was drawn back in when the bellows were released.

It was easily fixed – Bathmate sent a new valve and cap. I flipped the old one off the Bathmate, clipped the new one on and everything worked fine, in fact better than before – so I can’t help wondering if there has always been a bit of a weakness with the valve.

Anyway, it is all working fine, but I didn’t manage to get much use out of the Bathmate. I can at least report that I haven’t lost the improvements over the week, so I’m not back to square one!