Anal Vibrators for Beginners

Anal Vibrators for Beginners

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Anal sex has long been the subject of taboo and comedy euphemism, yet this sensitive part of the male and female anatomy also holds the key to exploration of a new erogenous zone.

While many people may assume that anal sex toys are only to be enjoyed by men for prostate stimulation, anyone who is intrigued by the idea of anal play can use an anal vibrator. Available in a wide range of styles and designs, there are lots of products available that offer scintillating sensations for anal play.

What makes for a good first time anal vibrator?

When discovering the delights of anal sex toys, we always recommend you choose a small product, you can always work your wy up to larger sex toys as your body becomes comfortable with anal play. It’s also important to consider what you would like to gain from your sex toy too.

Anal plugs can be worn during sex and solo play, and offer a sense of fullness that many people find to be pleasurable.

The most common anal sex toys are plugs, beads and vibrators, all of which are designed with a handle or flared base to ensure that the product does not get lost inside the body.

Unlike other sex toys, which are often used with vigorous thrusting motions, you need to slow down the pace with anal beads. Taking things more slowly will allow you to enjoy the sensation of each bead as it is inserted inside, and slowly removing them can lead to incredibly intense orgasms.

The Rocks Off Petite Sensations Pearls are great for beginners as although they look quite long, the beads are quite small compared to the Bubbles, which has beads that are graduated in size. However, if you would prefer to use something shorter, the Bubbles are ideal for beginners.

A great first time anal vibrator would be something with a small shaft, such as the Rocks Off O Boy. Its curved shaft is designed for incredible prostate play, and it also has the added bonus of perineal stimulation too. The ergonomic design means the O Boy can also be used hands-free, making it great for all forms of sex play.

Once you have discovered the pleasure that small anal vibrators can offer, you may wish to move onto bigger products such as the Screaming O My Secret Anal Plug, an incredibly powerful butt plug with hands-free capabilities, making it great for sensual sex play as well as solo sessions. Let your partner take charge of your sexual pleasure by allowing them to control the remote if you are brave enough!

You can even indulge in anal play even when you and your partner are not together. We-Vibe Ditto is a remote control vibrating butt plug, with a supplied remote control and the ability to be controlled by the We-Vibe Connect App. The app allows you to control your Ditto from an iPhone or Android phone, enabling you to share access to your Ditto across the internet to allow a partner to control your plug, wherever they may be in the world!

The small, bulbed shape of the Ditto sits perfectly against your most sensitive spots which, in conjunction with the vibrations, creates intense pleasurable sensations

How to prepare for anal play

Unlike the vagina, the anus is not a self-lubricating organ, and therefore using a sexual lubricant is incredibly important in order to prevent any tears in the delicate tissues of the rectum. You can use a lubricant specifically created for anal use, such as YES But, pH balanced to that of the anus which is different to the vagina and is compatible with condoms and silicone sex toys.

It’s also important to take things slowly: you may wish to begin by using your fingers, well lubricated, to get used to the sensations of anal play before inserting your product of choice. Take your time and experiment with different motions, the amount of pressure you apply and ensure that you don’t rush things as you could hurt yourself if you take things too quickly.

Larger vibrators and sex toys aren’t for everyone, but if you do wish to work your way up to a larger toy, ensure that you “warm up” first with a smaller product. Not only will this help with insertion of a larger toy, but it will also increase your arousal, making for a fantastic sexual experience.

As with any sex toy, it is incredibly important to keep your anal sex toys clean to prevent bacteria from being spread. If you are sharing toys, use a condom on the product to prevent transmission of infection.