An Introduction to Silicone Based Lubricants

An Introduction to Silicone Based Lubricants

Not many people know exactly what Silicone Based Lubricants are, but luckily for you – we do! Here’s what you need to know about silicone lubricants:

  • They are suitable for use in water and easy to clean off of skin and bedding.
  • They are not suitable to use on silicone sex toys, because they will affect the quality of the silicone creating a tacky texture.
  • They are however suitable for use with latex condoms.
  • They are dermatologically safe and intensely moisturising, nourishing the skin and alleviating any dryness.
  • They are breathable, water-free, fragrance-free, oil-free and non-greasy.
  • Ideal for sex play in the bath or shower too.