An Introduction to Water Based Lubricants

An Introduction to Water Based Lubricants

To keep this introduction to our water-based lubricants informative and full of all the facts, we’ve compiled a very handy list for you all about our water based lubricant:

  • Our water-based lubricants are safe for all sexual activities.
  • They are completely safe to use with our silicone toys.
  • They are condom compatible
  • The main ingredient in water-based lubricants is water
  • Our water-based lubricants are free of any smell, taste or colour and are non-staining.
  • Easy to wash off after use.
  • Leave your skin feeling silky smooth, with no horrible residue left afterwards.
  • They can dry out a little during use, but this is easily remedied by adding just a sprinkle of water to re-activate that smooth feeling
  • Our water-based lubricants are free from irritating ingredients

YES Organic Lubricant Selection Packs

Our luxury range of YES Organic Lubricant Selection Packs are an excellent way for you to decide whether you prefer oil based or water-based lubricant. The selection pack is great value for money, and contains the following:

  • 40ml tube of YES oil-based
  • 50ml tube of YES water-based
  • 1 applicator (for direct insertion into the vagina) pre-filled with 5ml of YES water-based
  • 1 applicator (for direct insertion into the vagina) pre-filled with 5ml of YES oil-based
  • 1 sachet of YES oil-based
  • 1 sachet of YES water-based


SUTIL LUXE is a silky smooth water-based lubricant that moisturises, nourishes and soothes our most intimate areas, as well as lubricating for sexual pleasure. This fabulous water-based lubricant gently cushions and glides, blending seamlessly with your own natural lubrication during sex. Being water-based it is easy to wash off too.

Free from irritating ingredients, pH balanced to that of the vagina and hormone free, it is perfect for anyone, including those not able to have hormone replacement therapy and post cancer treatment, not only as a sexual lubricant but also as a vaginal moisturiser and can be used with any sex toy or dilator.


Sutil Rich has a thicker formulation and slightly higher pH; however, many people enjoy using it for both vaginal and anal sex. It can also be used as a vaginal moisturiser.

Made with eco – certified ingredients, SUTIL is committed to creating natural and organic cosmetics that are not only great for your skin, but also derived from renewable resources and manufactured using environmentally friendly processes. Even the sleek tube is biodegradable.

SUTIL Luxe and Rich come in a range of sizes including a 10ml tube, 3-4 uses which is great to try as a tester, 60ml, 120ml and 240ml tubes

Water-based lubricants are great for anal play. Being thicker in formulation and long-lasting, SUTIL Rich is perfect for anal play because it cushions the delicate tissues of the non-lubricating anus. It is great to use with condoms and our anal sex toys too.