An Introduction to Waterproof Sex Toys

An Introduction to Waterproof Sex Toys

Many of our sex toys are waterproof, making cleaning easy and bathtime even more pleasurable.
However, there are a few products which are only splashproof and cannot be submerged in water.

Splashproof Only Products

All the products in the OhMiBod range are splashproof including Cuddle and Mini Cuddle, however the Flex LoveLife Kegel Weights are completely waterproof.

The Nexus G-Play Anal Vibrators and “Nexus G-Play Plug Medium”: product/nexus-g-play-medium, Nexus G-Play Plug Small, are both splashproof so can be cleaned but not submerged in water.

Waterproof Sex Toys

Many of our vibrators and all of our dildos are waterproof.

TENGA Male Masturbators are the perfect toys for men looking to use a sex toy during water play. This egg shaped male masturbator is revolutionary and can be used for both solo play and for use with a partner too.

These male masturbators are presented in the shape of an egg. To use the Tenga Egg, simply remove the casing and slide the silicone sleeve over your shaft. Depending on which textured sensation you have chosen, the textured ribs on the inside of your chosen Tenga Egg will ensure your orgasm is so incredible that you’ll want to experience the whole range of Tenga Egg sensations!

Tenga Eggs feel wonderful when used in water and add to that slippery sensation which provides fantastic pleasure. Make sure to look after your Tenga Egg well, ensuring that it is carefully cleaned and dried after use.

Waterproof Dildos

A firm but not solid waterproof dildo is the silicone Fun Factory Amor. This waterproof dildo is a stylish addition to water play and a gentle non-vibrating alternative to a waterproof vibrator.

This easy to hold dildo means that you will still be able to retain a firm grip on your toy during water use, which is very useful in slippery water! Additionally, the base of the Fun Factory Stubs can conveniently grip to very smooth surfaces, like that of a bath for instance. This dildo is by far one of the most user-friendly waterproof sex toys.

If you want to add to the slippery fun, be sure to buy one of our Yes Organic water-based or oil-based Lubricants, not silicone-based as they will damage this toy.

Waterproof Anal Toys

Fun Factory Bendy Beads are a fun way to spice up bath-time! These anal beads provide a uniquely pleasurable sensation and this can be heightened when used during water play.

These smooth silicone beads provide gentle flexibility and when withdrawn upon the point of orgasm provide intensely rewarding sensations. They are the shape of a pearl chain and you can insert the beads as far as you wish to keep you desires met to add extra sensitivity during sexual activity.

They have a handy loop located at the end, which not only provides easy use but also is perfect for keeping hold of them when immersed in water.

Waterproof Lubricants

Both of the Yes Organic Water-Based and Oil-Based Lubricants are suitable for use in water. Or a great value for money option is to buy the Yes Organic Selection Pack which includes both of these lubricants.

The luxurious silky smooth silicone lubricants are also suitable for use in water but not suitable for use with silicone toys, as this type of lubricant will damage the toy, even in water.