An Introduction to Designer Sex Toys

An Introduction to Designer Sex Toys

All of our luxury designer sex toys arrive in discreet and elegant packaging, but that’s hardly the best thing about them! Not only do they look fantastic, our vibrators deliver intense power – whilst our dildos are crafted solely for your pleasure.

In this article we introduce you to one luxury sex toy from each of our four most popular designer brands: LELO, Fun Factory, njoy and Icicles. More detailed information about these designer brands can be found in our Manufacturers Information Guide. These brands are the epitome of luxury sex toys and this is reflected in their innovative and beautiful products.


You can match your favourite music to this clever clitoral sex toy. The LELO Siri v2 palm-held clitoral massager has been updated and combines the emotions of music with the pleasure of vibrations!

With 8 vibration settings – inspired by different musical genres – and 2 hours use from a single charge, the Siri v2 is a versatile sex toy that you can adjust to suit your needs. What’s more, the v2 has a setting which makes the vibrations respond to music, meaning that you can put on your favourite playlist and feel the music flow through you!

So easy to use, LELO SIRI sits comfortbaly in the palm of your hand, allowing ease of use for solo or couples play. Perfect for gently playing over your clitoris and vulva, on nipples and along the shaft of the penis and over the perineum, LELO SIRI is fun to use whoe ever you are and whatever your sexual orientation.

Fun Factory Stronic Real

Yes, you did read that correctly – Pulsator! Instead of vibrating, this revolutionary sex toy thrusts, providing powerful pulsations which are specifically designed to imitate the feeling of penetration. Designer toys have the advantage of being at the cutting edge of innovative technology, and the Stronic Real is part of the Fun Factory Stronic Pulsator range.

When you press the FUN button, the toy comes alive and you’re ready to play! You also have the luxury of being able to choose between ten different pulsation modes and a simple lock function for when you store it away until next time. Stimulate the G-Spot with the ergonomically designed realistic shaft and experience the smooth silicone sensation upon your skin combined with the unique yet natural penetration sensation. The Stronic Real is truly at the forefront of innovative designer toys.

Pulsators are not recommended for those with a pacemaker or implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) as they are powered by magnets.

njoy Eleven Luxury Metal Dildo

This double ended njoy eleven metal dildo is a truly extravagant and luxurious sex toy. It provides dramatic stimulation due to its ridged girth at the smaller end. The njoy eleven is cast in 316 grade stainless steel which provides superior corrosion resistance, added durability and toughness and a mirror shine lustrous finish.

Buying a metal dildo is a thrilling way of spicing up your sex life and the weightiness and smooth feel provides unique and intensely pleasurable sensations.

Icicles No 22 Straight Glass Dildo

No 22 has incredible attention to detail and classic shape. It is hand crafted from non-porous and body safe glass which feels both unusual and fantastic against the skin, especially when gently heated up in warm water or cooled down under a cold tap!

After the bulbous head, a gentle and beautiful pattern runs down the straight shaft to meet a blue glass bulge handle at the base, making this dildo perfect for easy use. The shaft is a real delight to see and touch, with pretty spiral patterns intertwining, making this dildo ideal as a luxury gift for someone special or even just to treat yourself! Make sure to care for this glass toy properly, either through wiping it clean with our sex toy cleaners or by popping it into the dishwasher. Care for this gorgeous designer toy properly and it will last you a lifetime.