LELO Gigi: A Review

A friend recommended the LELO Gigi vibrator to me as she had recently bought one and was having lots of fun with it! The Gigi came beautifully packaged in the elegant black box that LELO are renowned for. On opening the box, I noticed that the Gigi was smaller in size than I’d expected but was exquisitely designed.

I plugged it in to charge for a few hours before I played with it. The light around the control buttons blinked softly to indicate that it was charging. Being the owner of other LELO products, I knew my new toy would be fully charged and ready to go when the light stopped blinking and stayed on fully.

Later that evening…

On returning to my Gigi later that evening, I found it charged and just waiting for me to begin my journey to ecstasy. It felt very comfortable to hold and light in weight. First of all, I had a play with the controls which sit on top of the Gigi. They are easy to use and work on a simple 4-button interface: + and – buttons for intensity of vibrations and up and down buttons for change in vibration patterns. The vibrations felt surprisingly strong in my hand and I just had to press the flat head against my nose. Apparently this sensation is similar to the one you feel on your clitoris, but I can definitely say that this is not true for me!

Eager to try the Gigi against my clitoris rather than my nose, I settled into a comfortable position and placed the flat head gently against my clitoris. The velvety smooth feel of the silicone-covered flat head felt incredible, sending waves of vibrations across my swollen clitoris. I gently pushed it deeper inside me as the head is considerably larger than the shaft and felt quite big. Once fully inserted, I slowly increased the intensity of the vibrations which created a warm sensation that rippled through my vagina. The vibrations were extremely strong considering how small the Gigi is, and combined with the sleek shape of the toy, it sent undulating tremors of pleasure throughout my heated core.

I withdrew the Gigi and slowly started to rub the flat head against my clitoris which felt extremely intense; the strong vibrations flowing outward across the whole of my now extraordinarily swollen clitoris. My orgasm came quickly but was mind-blowingly strong, taking my breath away! My clitoris throbbed for quite a while in the aftermath of this gorgeous orgasm.

The Verdict

When I first viewed the LELO Gigi, I wasn’t sure of its size and shape but now I have completely changed my mind. The Gigi may be small and compact but is amazingly strong, delivering intense vibrations that reach deep inside. I had a spectacular clitoral orgasm and will definitely be keeping this little treasure close to my bed in readiness for my next journey of pleasure.

I’ll also be sharing the pleasure of my Gigi with my partner as he will no doubt enjoy the silky feel of the flat head moving up and down his erection during our lovemaking. I won’t feel guilty for using it on my clitoris while he snuggles me from behind, either: the best of both worlds!