LELO Tor: A Review

LELO Tor: A Review

Having previously bought LELO luxury sex toys for myself, I decided to treat my partner to the LELO Tor. Little did I realise that it would become one of my favourite couples’ toys!

On receiving the discreetly packaged parcel from Jo Divine, he unwrapped it to reveal the trademark black box that LELO use to package their products. The box was very small but beautifully designed with the Tor nestled comfortably inside. We decided to charge it for a few hours: 2 hours of charging gives 4 hours of pleasure. The charger is just like a phone charger and is easy to plug into the top of the Tor.

Later that evening…

Having decided to retire to bed early, my partner and I slipped under the sheets in anticipation of a night of discovery. After enjoying some very pleasurable foreplay, my partner was well and truly ready with a large pulsating erection to try the Tor. The ring of the Tor stretched to fit over his throbbing erection and manoeuvred into a comfortable position down at the base.

He had a play around with the controls before coming to bed and found that the vibrations could be increased or decreased by pressing the + and – buttons on the side. He slowly increased the vibrations which, judging by the sounds emanating from his throat, he seemed to enjoy!

I, on the other hand, was fascinated by his enormous erection, the veins on his penis fully engorged as the ring of the Tor constricted his blood flow. I couldn’t wait to climb aboard and feel it plunging into my already hot, wet vagina. Using a little YES lubricant, I tantalisingly eased his erection inside me. By positioning my clitoris onto the vibrating top of the Tor, I began to slowly move up and down, luxuriating in the extreme fullness of his erection in my juicy vagina and thrilling at the strong vibrations coursing through my throbbing clitoris.

My partner slowed my movements down as he found the sensations of the Tor rather intense and didn’t want to orgasm too quickly, but he enjoyed my taking charge on top and setting the pace.

I thought I would orgasm quickly but a slow warm sensation began to grow throughout my whole body, culminating a spine tingling orgasm, leaving both myself and my partner breathless as we climaxed together.

I really needed him to stop the vibrations of the Tor once I had reached orgasm because my clitoris felt extremely sensitive and was unable to take further stimulation. We cuddled in the aftermath of our breathtaking orgasms and my partner agreed that the Tor may be small and compact but is one incredibly powerful vibrator. He was extremely pleased with his new toy and so was I!