LELO Siri v2 review

LELO Siri v2 review

Having thoroughly enjoyed my LELO Siri clitoral vibrator, I was excited to be asked to review the LELO Siri version 2.

Similar to the Siri v1, it is 100% waterproof and goes for several hours after a 2 hour charge. Being silicone it can only be used with water-based or oil-based lubricants, not silicone products as these can destroy the silicone on the vibrator.

The new LELO Siri v2 combines the emotions of music with the pleasure of vibrations! It has 8 vibration settings, apparently inspired by musical genres (see below) and it has its very own musical setting which make the vibrations respond to music, meaning that you can put your favourite play list on and let the beat of the music flow through you in the form of vibrations.

Having mentioned this to a friend who is a singing teacher, she suggested that you don’t play the Flight of the Bumblebee or William Tell Overture as the pace of the music might make your clitoris explode!

On the other hand you may really enjoy vibrations at that speed.

My view about Siri 2

I used LELO Siri v2 during sexual intercourse with my partner when I needed some clitoral stimulation.

Having played with it prior to use, I initially found the buttons hard to press but this disappeared after the first use. While the tip is soft silicone, the Siri v2 has a plastic base which makes it easy to hold as it is quite sturdy.

Knowing that Siri v1 had strong vibrations, I only pressed the control button twice to achieve powerful vibrations. Gently pressing the end of the Siri v2 to my clitoris, it didn’t take long for me to achieve an extremely strong orgasm which made my vagina tighten so much that my partner really felt it!

LELO have definitely doubled the power of the Siri v2 which I love, and the new shape is an improvement.

It has been shaped with more of a nose at the end to massage against your clitoris rather than the flat, oval shape it has previously.

I wasn’t too sure about the claim that it vibrates in time to music. Having had a play with the 8 distinct vibration patterns which are supposed to mimic different types of musical patterns, I personally think they feel essentially the same as the common vibration patterns on other LELO products.

  1. Classical – Steady Vibration
  2. Reggae – Slow Pulses
  3. Rumba – Quick Pulses
  4. Folk – Low to High Escalation then 3 Quick Pulses
  5. Hip Hop – Faster Low to High Escalation then 3 Quick Pulses
  6. Soul – Low to High to Low Escalation
  7. Techno – Very Quick Pulses
  8. Jazz – Variation of Low and High Pulses and Escalations

The final setting is designed to be ambient noise controlled – meaning it’s controlled by the noises or music around you.

Having tried it when playing a variety of music from classical to pop with varying rhythms, it didn’t seem to pick up the beat. The vibrations did change but not in time to the music being played and seemed more random rather than a regular beat.

Having said this, I prefer to have a continuous vibration and cannot be bothered with pulse patterns so this aspect of the Siri v2 is not a problem for me. Siri v2 has become a firm favourite, my “go to toy” to ensure I have an orgasm every time!