Choosing big and small dildos

Choosing big and small dildos

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When it comes to buying sex toys, you might assume that bigger always means better. However, this is not necessarily the case. Those suffering from Vaginismus, vaginal dryness or scar tissue from an operation might actually gain more sexual satisfaction from a smaller product used with lots of lubricant, such as Yes Organic lubricant.

Many people think that big dildos are as big as a large penis, but this is not the case! Some sex toys are far larger than the real thing. Check the specifications carefully when you’re looking for a dildo, and perhaps consider a product slightly smaller than your desired girth.

Texture is another important thing to consider when purchasing a sex toy, as they can be far more rigid than you might expect. Similarly, even soft silicone doesn’t feel like skin so a smaller dildo might be more suitable for beginners to get used to these new sensations. However, if you want a fuller experience, then a larger product will be far more satisfying!

At Jo Divine, we have a diverse range of dildos that are suitable for your personal needs, whether you would like something to hit a specific spot or a big toy to offer you maximum fulfilment.

Small dildos

Smaller dildos are great for beginners and those who struggle to achieve full-on penetration from a larger penis or sex toy. The Fun Factory Amor and the Tantus Acute are great small silicone dildos that don’t scrimp on satisfaction.

The Tantus is curved for precise G-Spot stimulation, and the shaft has gentle ridges for added pleasure sensations. The Amor, on the other hand, has a smooth shaft and a slightly more bulbous head for increased excitement during sex play.

If you’re looking for a more textured dildo for extra stimulation, the Icicles No.24 is a smaller product designed with your needs in mind. The beautiful curved Tentacle has both bumps and ridges to bring you orgasmic bliss!

Slim dildos

Some women who like vaginal and G-Spot stimulation can find girthy sex toys uncomfortable to use, and so find longer and thinner toys more pleasurable.

The Icicles range of glass dildos has a wide variety of dildos, which are more than aesthetically pleasing!

The Fun Factory Sonic is very slim and double ended so perfect for couples play whatever your sexual orientation whilst Icicles No.1 has a slim 3” girth and is designed with a gorgeous raised spiral for added stimulation and Icicles No.3 has a similar design but with a more prominent spiral and slightly bigger circumference that promises to deliver pure pleasure.

Sportsheet Please will definitely please if you enjoy a slim silicone dildo and is ideal for harness play too.

Realistic dildos

Sex toys are not a replacement partner, but are a sexual accessory to bring you orgasmic bliss. However, some people prefer a dildo that has the look and feel of the real thing!

Tha Tantus The Duke has a realistic bulbous head for illustrious G-Spot stimulation that will tip you over the edge of orgasmic bliss and contains a fully waterproof single speed bullet vibe, offering extra pleasure sensations that will really get your pleasure senses buzzing!

The Icicles No.62 and No.63 are also large, realistic dildos that bring the ultimate fulfilment. Glass dildos, however, are completely rigid, so bare this in mind upon purchasing.

Textured dildos

Dildos that are ridged, dotted and have raised swirls are designed for extra stimulation of the genitals. Icicle No 7 is a straight dildo with a tapered head and multiple raised bumps for enhanced stimulation, and a slimmer shaft for those who prefer a thinner toy.

The Fun Factory Buck Dich allows you to indulge in kinky sex play with a textured dildo handle and powerful paddle. This fabulous two-in-one toy for light to intense sensation will add another dimension to your sexual pleasure

Beaded dildos are great for both vaginal and anal stimulation as they often have a small tip and a shaft that gradually increases in size, like the Icicles No.51. The beads are highly pleasurable as they hit all of your sweet spots without being too filling!

Big dildos

For some people, bigger is always best! The Fun Factory Big Boss Dildo is a more realistic dildo with a lifelike bulging head and gentle veins up its shaft. Its head is gently curved and targets the G-spot and prostate with ease whilst the base is completely flat and can grip to smooth surfaces, making its use even more fun.

The nJoy range of metal dildos are perfectly designed for maximum enjoyment. The gutsy weight and girth of the beautifully designed metal sex toy collection is set to bring you unforgettable excitement.

Use Lube

Ensure you use a good sexual lubricant suitable for the product you are playing with.

Metal and glass dildos are suitable for all types of lubricant, so it is up to you to decide which one you prefer best. All silicone dildos are all incompatible with “silicone-based lubricant”: as this will damage them so choose a body and toy safe alternative such as a water-based or oil-based organic lubricant if using a silicone dildo.

We do not recommend products not designed for sex play or those which contain glycerin, glycols or parabens as these ingredients can cause irritation, thrush and bacterial vaginosis.

What’s best for you?

Everyone is different when it comes to sexual preferences and physical aspects of the body, so what might be suitable for one person may not be right for you. Ask yourself what you hope to get from a dildo with regards to sexual pleasure: would you prefer deep penetration or G-Spot stimulation?

However, there’s nothing stopping you from having a naughty box full of dildos of different varieties! Having a range of products will keep your sex life fresh and fun for a unique experience every time.