Remote controlled vibrators

Remote controlled vibrators

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If you’re looking for new ways to spice up your relationship, then a remote controlled sex toy is a great choice! These innovative products are great for lovers of tech as well as those with limited dexterity and mobility.

Some people can find using the buttons on a vibrator to be quite fiddly, especially if they have arthritis or aching wrists. Using a remote controlled vibrator can be a little easier as a remote is a lot lighter to hold. Lots of remote controlled sex toys also offer hands-free capabilities, meaning that you can simply insert the product and get buzzing.

Remote Controlled Vibrators

Mimosa is a rechargeable wired remote controlled external vibrator with sleek precision points, expertly designed to ensure the ultimate orgasm with each of its 10 vibrating functions.The flexible vibrating fingers allow you to direct deep vibrations exactly where you want and need them, fitting to the shape of your body.

Great for clitoral stimulation, along the shaft and around the head of the penis, nipple play and any other erogenous zone. Indulge in solo play or let your partner take control of your pleasure, you choose.

Remote Controlled Knickers

Add a splash of mischief to your lingerie for a tickling tease or extra sex life spice with My Secret Charged Panty Vibe, such a great way to play in public with a compact mini vibe that fits comfortably in a matching lace panty.

Operated by a remote control cleverly disguised as a finger ring, My Secret Charged Panty features a secret pocket for the rechargeable body-safe ABS plastic and a silicone coated version of the VOOOM mini vibe that keeps deep, rumbling vibration right where you want it and fits up to 60-inch hips for a comfortable feel.

The best thing about the Screaming O My Secret Charged Panty Vibe is that no one, or just maybe your partner will know you are enjoying such sexual pleasure, except for the smile on your face!

The VOOOM mini vibe can be removed for clitoral play alone or with a partner too.

Remote Control Couples Sex Toys

The Doppio 2 is an exciting new vibrating toy that can be used by yourself or with a partner with the added benefit of a remote control. Doppio 2 can be used in a wide variety of ways for both male and female pleasure and during penetrative sex.

There are three powerful but incredibly quiet motors, one in each arm and another in the body. The motors in the arms and the one in the body can be controlled independently and with the supplied remote.The arms are perfect for stimulating nipples, labia, clitoris and penis. It can even be used internally. The unique design of the Doppio also enables a man to wear it in the style of a cock ring for stimulation during sex.

Remote Control Anal Sex Toys

Another great product that can be incorporated into your sex play is My Secret Charged Plug. With its cleverly tapered tip for easy insertion, the My Secret Charged Plug is powered by the Positive® motor that lets you toggle back and forth through 20 functions of deep, rumbling vibrations to find your favourite speed, perfect for beginners or any couple looking to spice up their repertoire.

Suitable for both men and women, this anal plug offers a fabulously fuller feeling, and can be worn during intercourse or solo fun with other sex toys to enhance your sexual experience.

If you are feeling brave, why not let your partner take control of your pleasure? The rechargeable Rocks-Off Varex and Rocks-Off Index are wired anal vibrators with hand held controls.

Sex Beyond Penetration

The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo”: is a great vibrator for penis owners and their partners that uses a vibration plate to stimulate the penis whether flaccid or erect. Supplied with a remote control, you can surrender to your partner or take control yourself.

It is ideal for enjoying sex with a partner when penetration isn’t possible due to health issues, such as erectile dysfunction or sex feel painful.

The Hot Octopuss Pulse III Duo stimulates the frenulum of the penis with an innovative oscillating plate, and also has a vibrating underside for clitoral stimulation. This means that while you are not physically having penetrative sex, you can still enjoy that closeness and intimacy that you once had.

If health issues or external factors such as stress are impacting upon your sex life, then the Pulse is a great way to rekindle the passion if your sex life has somewhat dwindled.

However, if there are issues that are affecting your sex life, ensure that you talk to your partner, and for health issues your GP, as this can help to alleviate problems too.

Remote controlled sex toys aren’t just for people looking to overcome sexual health issues either. If you’re looking for something a bit different to spice up your sex play, a remote controlled toy is a great option as you can really experiment! If you’re feeling adventurous, you could use a remote controlled toy outside on a long walk or take them on a romantic weekend away to make it a trip to remember.

Whether or not you are experiencing sexual health issues, it’s always important to use a good lubricant with sex toys, and this can also help to make penetration feel much better. Ensure that you’re using a skin safe lubricant without any chemicals that could potentially cause thrush.

Written By : Samantha Evans