Rocks-Off Everygirl Rabbit Review

Rocks-Off Everygirl Rabbit Review

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Being a big fan of Rocks-Off sex toys, I was thrilled to discover they have created a rechargeable Rabbit vibrator that is incredibly flexible.

Rocks-Off Everygirl has been designed with amazing flexibility, the velvety soft silicone encases dual motors, one in the clitoral arm and the other in the shaft. The deep rumbling power of the vibrations drive precision stimulation to exactly where you want it with a range of pulsation patterns and vibration speeds.

It comes in three colours, teal, black and burgundy and even has a really fun sensory pulse synchronised colour change LED which changes in time to the pulsation patterns and is great for play in the dark!

On receiving my Everygirl, I was taken by the pretty packaging, something I do not normally include in my reviews, however Rocks-Off have put great thought not only into the design of the product but the packaging too, making Everygirl the perfect sexy gift.

Everygirl comes in three colours, black, teal and burgundy, I was sent the Teal which is more of a Tiffany blue and very pretty. I was surprised at the size of the Everygirl, slightly smaller than I anticipated, but the flexibility blew me away. This is definitely the way forward in rabbit vibrators to ensure they fit to almost every body shape. There are moulded rings on the head of the shaft for G-spot stimulation and on the clitoral arm for added sexual sensation.

Everygirl comes with a magnetic charging cable, which you just need to plug into a USB charger. It is fully charged after 3 hours, which will give 3 hours of pleasure, and it is important to give it a full charge before the first use. The LED light flashes when fully charged.

Testing Everygirl

Once charged, I had a play with Everygirl. Pressing either button for 3 seconds will turn it on/off. You then need to press it again to start the vibrator. The clitoral arm and shaft of the vibrator are independently controlled by simple button controls, and there are 3 vibration speeds and 7 pulsation patterns to choose from. The top button controls the shaft and the bottom button controls the clitoral arm. The LED light flashes every time you change function, which is fun.

I was surprised to discover that even the lowest vibration speed was incredibly strong and very deep, getting stronger with every push of the button. There are a range of pulsation patterns, so plenty of sexual stimulation to choose from.

Having found some quiet time during the day, I snuggled back against the pillows and spread my legs. I gently massaged my favourite lubricant YES organic oil-based lubricant onto my vulva and onto the shaft of the vibrator. I turned on the shaft vibration at the lowest level and slowly played it over my clitoris, enjoying the gorgeous deep vibes caressing my pulsating clitoris.

I then turned on the clitoral arm and slowly pushed Everygirl inside my vagina, loving the sensation of fullness as I slipped it inside me. The clitoral arm naturally sat against my clitoris and vulva, sending pleasurable waves of vibration through my clitoris, whilst the shaft of the vibrator sent powerful sexual stimulation throughout my vagina. I increased the vibration speed, which I could feel right through to my bottom. Enjoying this sensation, I increased it to the highest speed, which felt amazing. I played with the pulsation patterns, alternating the sensations between the arm and shaft, which was fun and mixed up the sexual stimulation too.

However, I found myself returning to the middle vibration speed because it felt so good and was really deep. I really enjoy deep rumbling vibrations that enable you to edge towards an orgasm, a feature that Rocks-Off have incorporated perfectly into Everygirl.

While using just tiny movements to play the shaft of the vibrator against my G-spot whilst the clitoral arm rested on my clitoris, I felt my vagina and clitoris twitch and quiver, exploding into a gorgeous breathtaking blended orgasm. Taking time to catch my breath, I slowly removed Everygirl, still feeling my vagina and clitoris twitching and pulsating after being pleasured in such a fabulous way.

Do I like Everygirl?

I think you can tell I really enjoyed my Everygirl. Such a powerful, flexible rabbit vibrator that felt incredibly pleasurable and easy to use. Everygirl is not as big as some rabbit vibrators I have tried, but was so strong. I loved the way in which I could control the arm and shaft independently and how it fit comfortably inside my vagina, no fiddling with the clitoral arm to get it in the right position.

Everygirl is definitely what you want and what you need!


  • Incredibly flexible clitoral arm and shaft
  • Added sexual stimulation on the clitoral arm and head of the shaft
  • 3 hours charging time for up to 3 hours of pleasure
  • 10 functions independently controlled in the shaft and the clitoral arm
  • Sensory pulse synchronised colour change LED
  • 100% waterproof
  • USB magnetic charger
  • Velvet soft body safe silicone


You have to cycle through the speeds and pulsation patterns, a common feature of many sex toys, but not a problem when you discover the settings that work for you.