Rocks-Off Roxy Rabbit: A Review

Rocks-Off Roxy Rabbit: A Review

Although rabbit vibrators are widely considered to be the ultimate prop in female pleasure, it is impossible to create a sex toy that is ‘one size fits all’ so to speak – we are all laid out differently and as a result, some women do not enjoy rabbits due to their all-too-often restrictive designs.

British manufacturer Rocks-Off has tackled this issue with Roxy Rabbit – their brand new rabbit vibrator which sells itself with its unusual flexibility and its staggering fifty (yes, fifty) different mode combinations. On hearing this information I was left baffled, wondering how it could be possible to create fifty different vibration patterns… Of course, Roxy was all too eager to demonstrate!

First impressions

The first thing that struck me about Roxy upon our first meeting was ‘Whoa… That’s a lot girthier than I expected!’ With a 1.4” diameter, Roxy’s shaft definitely seemed a lot thicker in person than I had imagined. This is something that you should bear in mind if you are a vibrator newbie. However, the end is slightly tapered and the entire insertable portion is covered in smooth silicone, meaning that insertion is made easy.

Rocks-Off have really taken a step-up in their presentation in recent years and Roxy’s packaging is no exception: although it doesn’t have the luxurious feel that other manufacturers have adopted, it is attractive to look at and protects the toy well. It also comes with a Rocks-Off branded storage pouch which is a lifesaver for silicone toys – it stops them from attracting dust (something silicone toys are notorious for) and also prevents the surface from degrading, especially if you store all of your sex toys together.

I received my Roxy in a near-luminous pink which seems to be an increasingly popular choice amongst sex toy manufacturers of late (Fun Factory Stronic Eins, anyone?) but it is also available in a rather more modest deep purple if the idea of a neon vibrator turns you off. Roxy’s two-button control unit is incredibly simple to use and actually makes a lot of sense – the buttons control each pleasure point separately rather than simultaneously. This enables you to have full control of the vibrations hitting your G-spot and clitoris (the buttons being labelled ‘C’ and ‘G’ respectively) which is where the fifty different vibration modes come into play: each pleasure point has seven different speed settings, so 7 × 7 = 49. I’m assuming that Rocks-Off class ‘off’ as the fiftieth setting!

A lot of thought has been put into the design of Roxy Rabbit’s control unit, right down to the ergonomic heart-shaped handle (perfect for holding with two fingers) and the orientation of the buttons – the ‘C’ and the ‘G’ appear the right way up when in use. However, I found that the buttons are a little fiddly to press which could be an issue for people suffering from arthritis.

Putting it to the test

Turning it on for the first time, I was pleasantly surprised by the power that Roxy harnessed. For a battery-powered toy, Roxy is incredibly powerful and I’d actually go as far to say that it is the strongest battery-powered toy that I have ever owned. It does take 4 x AAA batteries, however, so its gutsy output does seem justified. Of course, it will never be as powerful as a wand massager – something to bear in mind if you are power hungry.

Roxy contains three motors, one in the rabbit ears and two in the shaft, meaning that the vibrations are evenly distributed – something that can generally be quite difficult to find in sex toys that offer flexibility. The shaft is only flexible to a certain degree, however – it only really bends at the base, so in comparison to something such as the Fun Factory Tango it still feels rather rigid. Regardless of this, even a small amount of flexibility is better than none and you are still able to manipulate Roxy into a position that fits you best.

When it comes to the clitoral stimulator, Rocks-Off have tried their very best to cater for everyone by giving Roxy incredibly long rabbit ears. The ears have been designed to hug the clitoris and stimulate the sides of it rather than applying direct pressure to the top. Depending on your anatomy and your preferred method of clitoral stimulation, this could be the make-or-break deal for you and Roxy – it is definitely more of a teasing temptress than an instant satisfaction hit. Luckily for me, the ears fit my body perfectly so I have no complaints!

Now we broach the subject that often has me divided – the G-spot. I’m always griping about toys that claim to be designed for G-spot stimulation as all too often manufacturers put a motor in the tip of a vibrator, give it a slight curve and sell it as if it will give every woman a G-spot orgasm. If only it were that easy! Orgasms are very specific to each woman, especially when it comes to the G-spot, so creating a toy that works for everybody is always going to be a difficult task. Roxy is no exception – I didn’t feel any G-spot stimulation, as powerful as the motors are. The tip of the shaft could definitely benefit from being more bulbous and targeted, like the LELO Gigi for example; however, this is just my personal opinion. If G-spot orgasms are all about powerful vibrations for you, Roxy may just have you hiding away with her under the covers all day. If you, like myself, prefer pressure to be applied to your G-spot rather than power, Roxy may not be the toy that you reach for most frequently. Of course, orgasms aren’t just about the G-spot and Roxy is more than capable of delivering fantastic stimulation internally and externally.

My verdict

Rocks-Off have made a great start with Roxy Rabbit, tackling common issues with rabbit vibrators with its extra flexibility and putting an innovative twist on the classic rabbit design that everyone is familiar with. It is brilliantly powerful for a battery-operated toy and its long rabbit ears provide stimulation to the sides of the clitoris rather than directly on top of it, meaning that orgasms build gradually rather than it all being over in a matter of minutes. The motors in Roxy’s shaft are deep and rumbly – perfect for those that enjoy internal vibrations.

I believe that if Rocks-Off add a little more shaping or texture to the shaft, give it a bulbous tip for targeted G-spot stimulation and make the buttons a little less fiddly to press, they will have one of the best battery-powered rabbits available to buy on the market today. I look forward to Roxy Rabbit Version 2 with great anticipation!