Icicles No. 5: A Review

Icicles No. 5: A Review

Whenever the words ‘glass’ and ‘dildo’ are mentioned in the same sentence, it is highly likely that the response will either be ‘oooooh’ or ‘arrrgh’. Glass dildos are definitely in the Marmite region of sex toys: whilst daring types find the idea of cold, hard glass inside them to be incredibly erotic, the more nervous amongst us have the fear of one breaking mid-use.

As for myself, I was somewhat undecided on the idea. Although the concept of a glass sex toy didn’t instantly turn me off, I was unsure as to whether the rigidity would work for me: I have only ever used toys made of softer materials, such as silicone, so had no previous experience to go on.

The Icicles range of glass dildos, manufactured by Pipedream Products, is high-quality in just about every way possible. The products themselves are made from borosilicate glass, the same material used by Pyrex, so I felt assured that they get run through the mill of quality control tests – I have been known to drop Pyrex dishes onto concrete without them breaking. I wonder how much of that was just pure luck, however! Not only this, all of the Icicles are beautifully designed. Some take a plainer, clear glass appearance, whilst others are far more intricate with an array of colours, textures and even pretty patterns moulded inside them.

Inside the box

On unboxing, one thing that stood out to me was the interior packaging. The toy itself is surrounded by a specially-moulded styrofoam which fits it perfectly, minimising the potential for damage in transit. It is clear that this packaging method has been well-thought out by the manufacturers. The styrofoam is then encased in a decorative cardboard sleeve with a fold-out flap and a window inside so you can see the toy without removing it from the box – ideal for retail environments.

My Icicle is the more realistic-shaped no. 5 – it has a phallic resemblance with a loose blue spiral going around the outside from the base up until the head of the toy begins. The spiral texture is smooth and gentle compared to some of the textures on other toys in the range, so might be more appealing to those who dislike heavy texturing. It has a solid circular base, making it easy to hold and stand on surfaces and also makes it suitable for anal use.

In use

Having such a smooth surface, you may find that you need a little less lubricant than usual with an Icicle – that was certainly the case for me, anyway. The beauty of glass toys is that any type of lubricant is safe to use with them, so just choose your favourite lubricant, apply a little to the end of the toy and you’ll be well on your way.

The feeling of glass inside is… different, shall we say. To be honest, I’m still undecided as to whether I really like it or not. Although I found the bulbous head of the toy to be stimulating on my G-spot, I was constantly distracted by it hitting my pubic bone as I withdrew it. Not exactly the sort of thing that you want to happen whilst using a sex toy, but hey – everyone’s anatomy is different. The spiral texture is prominent enough to be felt, but not so much that it creates resistance – it is really just a gentle change in sensation.

One thing I feel that I must point out, however, is in reference to the instructions for heating and cooling that Pipedream have printed on the back on the box. I really would not recommend either microwaving or freezing sex toys in general – microwaves distribute heat unevenly and you could run the risk of burning yourself. When it comes to the freezing part, just think of the way that your tongue gets stuck to frozen objects. I don’t think that anyone wants that to happen to their vagina! Instead, leave your Icicle to soak in warm or cold water for a few minutes. Remember that your vagina is a lot more sensitive to temperature than your fingers, so the temperature will not need to be as extreme as you might think.

Like the majority of women, it is a rarity for me to reach orgasm through penetration alone, so I paired my Icicle with a clitoral vibrator for maximum enjoyment.

My verdict

Overall, I liked the Icicles no. 5 – it introduced me to some new sensations and applied a reasonable amount of pressure to my G-spot, which I found to be stimulating. I did find the bulbous head of the toy knocking on my pubic bone to be somewhat of a distraction, but it wasn’t enough to completely turn me off. I am, however, putting that down to my anatomical layout rather than a fault in the design of the toy.

In terms of build quality, I really couldn’t fault this toy at all. It feels and looks well-made and has a good weight to it – a workout for both the kegels and the biceps depending on how long you use it for!

Using the Icicle No. 5 has confirmed to me that I am not the biggest fan of rigid sex toys and that I would rather stick with my silicone 90% of the time, but it has been an experiment worth doing. I would definitely recommend using a clitoral stimulator with this toy, or if you have a partner, get them to make your next oral sex session even steamier by asking them to use the Icicle on you. You never know, cooling down with a well-chilled Icicle in the summer heat might just be what you need!