Screaming O My Secret Charged Panty Vibe

Screaming O My Secret Charged Panty Vibe

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Having tested many sex toys I have never tried something that you can wear in your knickers so I was fascinated to try Screaming O My Secret Charged Panty Vibe.

Screaming O My Secret Charged Panty Vibe is a great way to play in public with a compact mini vibe that fits comfortably in a matching lace panty. This clever panty set features a secret pocket for the rechargeable body-safe ABS plastic and silicone coated version of the VOOOM mini vibe that keeps deep, rumbling vibration right where you want it and fits up to 60-inch hips for a comfortable feel.

It can also be operated by a remote control cleverly disguised as a finger ring which is controlled by a button battery, included with a spare battery too.

On receiving this set I tried on the panties for size, they are completely adjustable with tie sides to ensure you get the right fit and will fit up to 60 inch hips. The actual panty is really well made, the lace is very pretty and feels very soft, not scratchy. Made from 90% nylon and 10% spandex I found them really comfortable to wear.

The secret pocket for the bullet vibe is concealed in the gusset.

Plugging in the Vooom Mini Bullet to charge for 8 hours, recommended for the first charge, I left it to charge, the red light stays on whilst it is charging , then goes off when fully charged. Supplied with its own charging cable, you need a USB charger to plug it into the mains electrical supply.

Finding some time to have a play with my new panty vibe, I put on the panties and slipped the vibe into the concealed pocket. Needing to adjust it to get it to sit against my clitoris, I turned it on. The deep rumbling vibrations felt really pleasurable, not buzzy like some bullets I have used.

I just sat back on the chair and enjoyed the fabulous vibrations coursing through my clitoris, it was great just letting the vibrations work their magic. I decided to have a play with the discrete remote control ring which was fun and easy to use, pressing the ring to cycle up through the vibration speed and pulsation patterns.

To use the remote with the bullet you need to press and hold the power button on the vibe until the red light comes on, then press the remote control ring button to sync with the bullet vibe. To turn on you press and hold the remote button for 5 seconds, continuing to press the remote button allows you to cycle through the 10 functions. Press and hold for 5 seconds to turn off.

I enjoyed a very pleasurable orgasm and can’t wait to try this panty vibe with my partner in control, this should spice up dinner, an evening out or even a long journey, in more ways than one!

In addition to using the panty vibe you can just use the bullet vibe on its own for solo play or with a partner. This version of Charged VOOOM bullet vibe has a silky smooth silicone coat which feels great against the delicate skin of the vulva or penis. It’s perfect for slipping into your bag when you are on your travels too.

I can definitely recommend this fabulous panty vibe to add a splash of mischief to your lingerie and sex toy collection for a tickling tease or extra sex life spice.

The best thing about the Screaming O My Secret Charged Panty Vibe is that no one, or just maybe your partner will know you are enjoying such sexual pleasure, except for the smile on your face!